4 Ways to Overcome the Sound of Broken Laptop Speakers


The sound of laptop speakers breaking is one of the annoying problems. Actually what are the causes of the sound of laptop speakers breaking?

1. Volume Too Loud

The first cause is the volume is too loud. Volume that is too loud will trigger the sound of laptop speakers breaking.

2. Too Often Plug and Remove Earphones

The second cause is too often plugging in and removing earphones. This can cause the speaker to turn off due to a shorted audio connector.

3. Dirty Speaker

The last cause is dirty speakers. This can happen because a lot of dust sticks to the laptop speakers.

Now, after you know the cause of the broken laptop speaker sound, then you also need to overcome it so that the sound of your laptop speaker does not break. How to? Here’s the review.

Laptop Speaker Sound

How to solve the broken laptop speaker sound

1. Open Volume Mixer

The first step is to open the Volume Mixer by right-clicking on the speaker logo located on the Windows task bar. After that, please select the option Open Volume Mixer.

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2. Select Speakers/Headphones

After the Volume Mixer is successfully opened, please select the option Speakers / Headphones.

3. Remove Volume

The next step is please go to the tab Level and click on option balance. Then you can also remove the volume on the broken speaker by giving a value of 0 to one of the speakers, L for left speaker and R for the right speaker. If you have clicked OK.

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4. Process Complete

After you turn off the sound or volume from one of the broken speakers, your laptop’s sound will return to normal even though the sound is not as good as it used to be.

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