4 Ways to Pay Telkomsel Credit


This Telkomsel credit method is actually quite easy to do. And as you know, as one of the providers that provides cellular telecommunications operator services such as Telkomsel, of course, provides the best service.

And as you also know, Telkomsel is one of the providers made by the government which is widely used by smartphone users in Indonesia.

And one of the services that really helps its users is credit lending services. The existence of this service is a form of Telkomsel’s commitment to help users solve the problems above.

Basically, this service is not a debt service or credit lending to Telkomsel, but to your closest relatives and friends who use a Telkomsel card.

So how to do this Telkomsel credit debt? Here’s the review!

How to Pay Telkomsel Credit


Telkomsel Credit Debt Terms

Telkomsel itself supports credit lending services that can be used by its users when they are in urgent need of credit.

So you also have to tell your friends in advance to be able to give their Telkomsel credit credit. That way, when you borrow some credit from our friends, they will be willing to send credit to us.

However, before you can use this Telkomsel credit lending service, it turns out that there are several terms and conditions that you must fulfill.

There are terms and conditions for borrowing Telkomsel credit, which are as follows:

  • First, the sending and receiving credit cards must be both Telkomsel users.
  • The card used by the credit sender must be in an active period and must not be in the grace period. You also need to remember that this credit loan service will not extend the active period of the Telkomsel card that you are using. Therefore, you don’t need to be confused if the credit you borrow has entered but the active period has not changed. This can happen because we are borrowing credit, not topping up credit.
  • The maximum number of credits that can be sent is 200,000.
  • The maximum limit for this credit lending service can only be used 10 times in one day.
  • The credit sender must have a minimum number of 5000 credits in order to transfer credit to users who borrow credit.

How to Debt Telkomsel Credit (US, Loop, Simpati, Halo)

Actually, there are several ways to pay Telkomsel credit that you can use easily, here is how to pay Telkomsel credit. Please you also have to choose the easiest way.

1. How to Pay Telkomsel Credit Through Dial

1. Borrower’s cellphone: First, you must open the call menu or call then type *858# then press Call.

2. Borrower’s cellphone: Next please, you must select menu number 2. Request Credit then click Send.

3. Borrower’s cellphone: Next, please enter the destination number you want to borrow the credit from, if it is, please click Send.

4. Borrower’s cellphone: Then, you enter the amount of credit you want to borrow then click Send.

5. Borrower’s cellphone: After that, please check the amount of credit, destination number, and the fee you have to pay (Rp100). If you feel it is correct, please select number 1. Agree and then click Send.

6. Lender’s cellphone: Later on the lender’s cellphone will enter an SMS from 858 regarding information on credit lending. Please reply to the SMS with Transfer Yes format then click Send.

You need to know that to make a transfer or send this credit you will also be charged a fee of Rp. 2,000.

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2. How to Pay Telkomsel Credit Via SMS

This second way of paying Telkomsel credit is indeed different from the first way, it takes loans and the lender must be involved in these steps.

This second method is easier and faster, but the credit giver must know your number first.

Here are the steps:

  • First, you can open the Message / SMS menu on the cellphone of the credit lender.
  • If so, please type TPULSA Nominal Credit and then send the number of your friends who need credit.

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3. Latest Telkomsel Credit Debt Method

The third way to pay Telkomsel credit is that you can use Dial. Here are the steps:

  • First, make sure your Telkomsel card is active.
  • Then type the dial code *858#.
  • Please select number 2, which is Request Credit. Then press Submit.
  • After that, a dialog box will appear to write down the phone number of your donor or friend who you want to lend credit to.
  • Type the destination number and the nominal credit you want to borrow, the minimum is 5,000 and the maximum is 200,000.
  • After that select No. 1 Agreed.
  • Then a notification will appear that your request is being processed.
  • If your friend agrees, a notification of the incoming credit will appear according to the nominal you wrote down earlier.

4. Borrow Credit Automatically

The last way to pay Telkomsel credit is to borrow credit automatically. Apparently, Telkomsel also provides a credit transfer service automatically according to the agreed nominal and date.

So for those of you who don’t want to be bothered by too many times to borrow credit as above. So, you can ask your friends to list your phone numbers as credit recipients automatically.

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That was the information we could convey about how to pay Telkomsel credit. We hope that the information we provide can be useful for you readers.

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