5 Tips to Get a Twitter Blue Tick


The twitter blue tick is a verification sign that serves to distinguish real and fake accounts. Maybe you’ve often seen there’s a blue tick on Twitter on one of your favorite social media artists or public figures, right?

As we know that there are currently many and popular Twitter users in the world. So that usually the accounts of these artists or public figures use blue ticks to avoid ignorant hands. For example, using the artist’s account for bad and negative purposes.

You can actually get this twitter blue tick feature without spending money, you know. How to? Well, on this occasion, we will review some tips so you can get a twitter blue tick. Curious about the tips? Here’s the review.

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Tips for Getting Twitter Blue Ticks

1. Using Real Name

Tips so that you get the blue tick twitter is that you must use the real name. This is one of the most basic things, especially in personal accounts. You must use a real name not a pseudonym. This is so that your verification process can be approved faster.

2. Fill in the Biodata Correctly

The second tip is to fill in the biodata correctly. You must fill out and complete the account biodata correctly. Like you have to complete and fill in the place of birth date, gender (personal) and also profile and cover photos.

Information related to the completeness of the biodata is an important consideration whether the account verification application process can be approved or not. If you do not fill in your biodata correctly or falsely, be prepared for your verification process to be hampered.

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3. Accounts Have Great Influence

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The third tip to get the twitter blue tick is that the account has a big influence. Accounts have great influence, meaning accounts that are known to the public, whether private, institutions, companies or certain brands. Even the number of followers is not one of the important points in submitting a verified account.

4. Diligently Make Regular Posts

The fourth tip is to be diligent in making posts regularly. If you want to get a twitter blue tick, then you have to be diligent in updating your posts. This shows that your account is actively interacting with other people. But of course the post is also an interesting post, not just spam or even violating the provisions of twitter. For example, posts that contain hoaxes.

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5. Make a Verification Request

The fifth tip to get the twitter blue tick is to make a verification request. If you have fulfilled all the terms and conditions needed, then you can immediately submit a verification request. Later the account will be assessed for eligibility, whether it deserves a blue tick or not according to the applicable conditions. If your account is approved, a verification sign will appear in the form of a blue tick in your account section.

Well, it’s not uncommon for the Twitter blue tick to disappear, too. What is the cause? The blue tick on a twitter account can disappear for the following reasons:

  • Displaying fake information or biodata that does not match the original.
  • Make posts that are hate speech either directly or indirectly.
  • Displays content that contains violence and so on.

Take any action that is considered to violate the provisions of twitter.

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