6 Shopping Tips At Alfamart Pay Using Shopee pay

The beginning of the month is right for you to immediately secure your monthly supplies by Shopee pay for household needs.

One of the places that are suitable for you to shop and often provide promos even every week is Alfamart.

Interestingly, currently you can use Shopeepay payments at Alfa mart.

Not only accepting payments, Alfamart also provides interesting promos for you, which you are very sorry to miss at the beginning of this month.

Some of the promos that are generally given by Alfamart are in the form of: cashback and discounted prices.

Then, how to shop at Alfamart and pay using ShopeePay? Are there any discounts? How much will you get cashback?

Instead of being at length, let’s see it directly together kuy!

Shop at Alfamart Pay With ShopeePay

Basically to be able to do shopping at Alfamart is a very easy job.

If you are still confused, then you can follow some of the steps that will be shared below.

  1. The first step you can do is to make sure beforehand if you have enough ShopeePay balance to shop. If not, you can top up your ShopeePay balance through Alfamart first.
  2. The next step, you can go directly to the nearest Alfamart to shop. Select the product you want to buy. To get promo products, you can just check the ShopeePay promo label or ask directly to the Alfamart cashier.
  3. After you receive all the products you want to buy, then next time, please go to the cashier to count and pay for your groceries.
  4. There, you can just tell the cashier if you are going to pay using ShopeePay.
  5. If so, what you have to do next is to open ShopeePay, then tap Pay Code, then click Change to Barcode.
  6. You please show the code to pay directly to the cashier. If so, the cashier will scan the code on your device, then you just have to wait for the payment process to be successful.

The shopping payment process at Alfamart is easier and faster when you use ShopeePay.

In addition, there are always discounts or cashback for certain products at Alfamart. Of course, this makes many people even more happy to shop at the minimarket.

Paying using ShopeePay at Alfamart does not need to wait for change. You just need to show your ShopeePay in the way that was shared above.

That was the article about how to shop easily at the Alfamart minimarket using ShopeePay.

Your shopping just got easier, and it doesn’t take long to count all your purchases.

Hopefully the above information can provide many benefits for all of you.

If you have any questions about shopping tips at Alfamart, paying using ShopeePay, please write in the comments column below.

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See you again in another article. Good luck trying that method, Gaes.

Hopefully useful and greetings technology always.

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