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How to change the Instagram story background is an easy way. Instagram has become the most used application by its users in recent years.

And indeed there are a lot of users who use the Instagram application, which will make the Instagram developers develop ways to change the Instagram story background.

This feature is very popular lately, because you as a user can change the background of your Instagram story with a choice of background that has been provided by the Instagram developer.

So how to change this Instagram story background? Here’s the review!

How to Change Instagram Story Background

How to Change Instagram Story Background

Instagram features

How to change the Instagram story background is actually quite easy. And with Instagram it has features, one of which is creating stories and can be shared with your friends.

When you create a story, of course you will be bored with the monotonous appearance. However, there is a new feature in Instagram so that the background can be changed as desired.

Lately, there are indeed a lot of features provided to pamper its users, the Instagram developers have made a lot of innovations, especially in the instastory feature, where the instastory feature is a special need for its users.

There are many ways to change the background color on Instagram stories to the color you want. The following is important information that should not be missed, see the steps so that it is understood so as to avoid mistakes.

How to Change Instastory Background Without Application

1. Select the photo to be used as a story

How to change the background of the first Instagram story, you also have to determine the photo that will be used as a story. After you have determined the photo you want to use as a story, then you click or press the paper airplane icon and add it to my story

2. Next Go to the Story Page

How to change the Instagram story background is to change the Instastory background, you just need to press the home button or go to your gallery.

3. Next Go to Gallery

The way to change the Instagram story background is that you can enter the gallery. You can go to the smartphone gallery that you have, make sure you don’t close Instagram.

4. Select and specify the image after entering the gallery and click Copy

After entering the gallery, then select the image you want to use as the background. We recommend choosing an image that matches the color of your story, so that the colors blend together and are more interesting to look at.

5. Go back to Instagram

After the photo has been successfully copied, return to the Instagram application, then click “Add Sticker” and set the photo to be the background story.

6. Tips if you have problems with stickers that don’t appear

In addition to pressing add sticker, you can also directly paste the photo that was copied earlier. By clicking the text box and holding it until the paste text appears.

How to Change Instagram Story Background Using Microsoft Swifkey Application

1. Install the Microsoft Swifkey Application

  • First, you can download the Microsoft Swiftkey app on the Google Play Store.
  • Type Microsoft SwiftKey on google playstore
  • Download and install
  • After the application process and download is complete, open and operate the application
  • Select the Enable SwiftKey menu, then in the Manage keyboards section, activate Microsoft SwiftKey, tap and slide the slide button to the right.
  • Select the Enable SwiftKey menu, then in the Manage keyboards section, activate Microsoft SwiftKey, tap and drag the slide button to the right.
  • Select the OK menu in the popup window.
  • Next, in the Select keyboard section, select Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard.
  • After switching pages, select the Not now button.
  • After the application is downloaded and installed then you can follow the steps below to change the Instastory background.

2. How to Change Instagram Story Background Using Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard Application

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Next on the home page, go to your Instagram account profile, select the photo to post,
  • Next select the Send icon, then select Add post to your story to post posts to the Instagram story
  • Then swipe the feed post to the right.
  • Type something, until the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard appears, select the Sticker icon, as well as the pin icon and the camera plus icon.
  • Type something, until the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard appears, select the Sticker icon, as well as the pin icon and the camera plus icon.
  • Find a background image that is the right size for your Instagram story from your gallery.
  • If it is selected, click the Send button.
  • Adjust the size of the background story until it fills the screen.
  • Click on the right corner of the middle. Until your Instagram feed post appears, adjust its position.
  • After that, you can finish by selecting the finished menu, after you determine the color and background to your liking.
  • Make sure the choice of color and background is in accordance with your choice.
  • And you just have to post.

Add other features so that the stories that you will post will be more unique and interesting.

Some features that can be added to your story such as adding GIF features, stickers, or funny pictures that can be added.

Users can also take advantage of several features that can also be additional references to beautify your story to make it look unique and attractive with the new layout feature, with the layout feature, you can create photo frames to be used as stories.

Features In Instastory

Instagram is indeed a social media application that allows users to publish images or videos, not to mention creating stories to upload which will be deleted automatically within 24 hours.

Instastory is a habit for instagrammers, usually users publish their daily activities in Instagram stories, some of the following is information that can be additional knowledge about the features available in insta stories.

1. Merge Multiple Photos In One InstaStory

The first feature is that it allows you as a user to add and combine several photos to be posted into one.

For iPhone users, you can directly copy and paste from the gallery to the Instastory display menu before uploading. As for Android, you also need to use a menu command called Swift Key Keyboard.

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2. Mirror Effect

The next feature is the Mirror feature, where users can edit photos before they are uploaded to mirrors or change directions.

The steps are very simple, namely by copying and pasting from the gallery to the photo to the Instastory view.

The photo that will be uploaded will become a mirror effect by clicking on the photo. Then your photo will automatically turn into a mirror.

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3. Make Rainbow Writing

The next feature is that it allows you to change the color of the Instagram story to a rainbow color. The step that must be done is to write first, then block the writing earlier.

Activate the color bar, then simultaneously tap and drag according to the text and the color bar. The text will change color to a rainbow color.

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4. How to Change the Instastory Background to a Solid Color

Sometimes you as users feel bored with the background appearance of the instastory, that’s all. with this feature, you can change the background at will, there are many choices including solid colors.

The trick is to share the upload to Instastory, then enter the ‘draw’ feature, select the color you want for the background, then long press on the background. And the background color will automatically change.

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5. Make Emoji Glowing

The last feature is that you can make emoticons glow, you only need to enter the emoji you want to upload to Instastory.

Then, change the font to ‘Neon’ for a sparkling effect. Next, choose the color you want to use as the glitter effect in the emoji.

You can also share this Instagram story background with your friends. You can also use this Instagram story background for your friends who use Instagram.

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That was the information we could convey about how to change the Instagram story background. We hope that the information we provide can be useful for you readers.

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