6 Ways to Change Tiktok Axis Quota Into Regular Quota


Tiktok Axis quota is a quota provided by cellular operators for free to loyal Axis users.

In recent times, many cellular operators have held events for giving Tiktok Axis quota to their users.

One of the organizers of this event is the mobile operator Axis. Besides Axis, there are also those who hold this event, such as Indosat and Tri.

So the axis operators are also enlivening by distributing tiktok quotas to axis lovers.

For those of you who use the Axis card, have you gotten a free Tiktok quota from Axis?

If you are still confused about this, then you should listen to the article that we convey at this time.

Because in this article, we will write about how to change the tiktok quota to a regular quota.

Therefore, you must read this article carefully.

So that you can change the tiktok quota that you get into a regular quota.

How to Get Tiktok Axis Quota

Tiktok Axis Quota

Axis Tiktok quota is a bonus quota provided by cellular operators for free to loyal Axis users.

Through the Tiktok quota provided by the Axis operator, you can use it to socialize on Tiktok as much as you want.

To get a tiktok quota is very easy, you don’t need to buy a new axis card.

But you just sit quietly without spending capital, because Tiktok’s free quota will automatically be sent to your number.

How to Check Tiktok Axis Quota

For those of you who don’t really know about this event, you may be wondering, how do you check this free quota?

How to check Axis quota is very easy, you just need to check the quota in the AXISNET application.

If you do not have this application, then you must download it first.

If you have downloaded, then you can login to the application.

Then check your quota, if there is a Tiktok quota, you will get a free quota from the Axis operator.

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How to Change Tiktok Quota to Regular Quota

How to change this quota is very easy, of course you can change it.

Here’s how to change Tiktok’s free quota to regular quota:

  1. First download the HTTP Custom application. You can download via this page:
  2. If you have, download the config file to change the Tiktok quota to a regular quota, later we will provide a link.
  3. From the link we included above, you can download several configs at once, if you can’t use one config, then you can use another config.
  4. Open HTTP Custom, click the + button then select open config, then import the config you downloaded.
  5. Click the connect button
  6. Connection test.

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This is the way to change the tiktok axis quota to a regular quota.

Thank you for reading on my Esports

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