6 Ways to Check Indihome Numbers


How to check the Indihome number is actually quite easy to do. If you have just installed the Indihome internet network, of course it has become a common thing to happen if you forget what your IndiHome access number is.

In addition to the Indihome number, you can also remember your own cellphone number or ID number, you often have trouble. You also have to know how to check your forgotten Indihome number.

In addition, the internet is often present in the midst of human life which has become an important part of making activities. And in this all-digital era, the internet has indeed become one of the semi-primary needs.

There are many functions, and benefits of this internet network. You also don’t need to be confused if many people decide to become customers of the IndiHome internet network.

Indihome itself is one of the internet providers or ISPs managed by State-Owned Enterprises or SOEs for short. With internet network access from indihome, it is indeed considered more efficient, practical and economical than having to buy a data quota.

If in one house there are 3 family members who use smartphones and the internet actively. So in one month the expenditure to buy quota will also increase.

Especially if you use it for online activities that take up a lot of quota, such as streaming YouTube. And indeed Indihome is the right solution for those of you who want to enjoy a fast and unlimited internet network.

So how to check this Indihome number? Here’s the review!

How to Check Indihome Number

How to Check Indihome Number

This Indihome number or indihome customer number is actually really needed when you want to make a payment or report an obstacle that has occurred.

In this case, Telkom will also ask Indihome for your customer ID or number. What if you really forget and don’t remember at all what your Customer ID is?

Here are some ways you can check your indihome customer number. How to check the Indihome number is also quite easy and there are many ways.

There are several choices of ways that you can try to be able to check this indihome number, including the following.

1. Check Indihome Number from Dus Modem

You will definitely get this modem box or box when you install the Indihome Wifi modem device in your home. And if this device box is official from Indihome, there will definitely be a sticker which contains device information, as well as the identity of the customer, namely the Indihome customer number.

And if there is an anticipation if in the future you forget your indihome number, keep this modem box carefully so you don’t lose it. Or you can copy it on paper or write small on the wall near your wifi modem installed.

This method is one of the simplest and easiest ways for you to do.

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2. Check Indihome Number from STB Device

The next way to check the Indihome number is that you can check the Indihome number from the STB device. In addition, this Indihome technician is often the router modem.

Starting from behind, to near the fiber terminal. And this method can be the second simple method that you can do if the box is lost or you forget where you saved the box from the Indihome wifi modem.

3. Check Indihome Number with Customer Service Assistance

In addition, there is also a way to check the next Indihome number, which is by checking directly through customer service from Indihome.

To do this there are several points or stages that you have to do.

  • First, you can open, or access the phone menu on your Smartphone
  • Enter the area code where you live then followed by the number or number 147 in the dial pad column on your smartphone. An example of the format is like this, for example you live in Jakarta, then when 021147.
  • Then Call
    Wait a few moments until it successfully connects to CS Indihome. If you have successfully connected, now all you have to do is ask the CS what your indihome number is.

And if you’re done and you’ve also got the indihome number, don’t forget to take notes and keep a good record of your indihome customer number. If you have already hung up the phone.

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4. Check Indihome Number via My Indihome Application

The next way that you can do to check the indihome number is through the official indihome application, the my indihome application. You can download this application for free through the official indihome website, or the playstore for android devices, and also the appstore for you iPhone users.

This method of checking indihome numbers is quite simple and very easy to do.

  • First, make sure you have downloaded and installed the My IndiHome application on your smartphone device. After successfully carrying out the installation process, now all you have to do is open the application and log in.
  • If you don’t have an account, please create one first.
    Now, after the application is open, you will immediately be confronted with complete information regarding the indihome internet network that you are using, including the indihome number. In this application, you can also do other checks such as indihome bills.

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5. How to Check Indihome Number on Huawei Modem

When you subscribe to indihome internet, usually you will also be given a router modem device with a type that is sometimes not the same. Often, indihome uses Huawei or ZTE router modems for its customers.

Well, you can also check the indihome number via a modem device by following the following procedure. And specifically for those of you who use a Huawei router modem, yes.

The method itself is quite easy

  • First, you can open the browser on the smartphone or PC device that you are using
  • Enter the following IP Address in the bar 168.1.1
  • Next, the admin user page will open from the router modem.
  • Enter the username and password that you got when you first installed the indihome internet network.
  • If you haven’t changed before, by default, fill in your username and password by typing Admin in both columns
  • After successfully logging in. You can go to the WAN menu
  • After that, you can see your indihome number, precisely in the username menu.
  • Usually in this username column it will be written as follows [email protected] And indeed the number listed is your indihome customer number.

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6. How to Check Indihome Number via ZTE F609 Modem

And it is the same as the method above, the difference is in the sixth point. After you have successfully logged in,

  • First, make sure you go to the NETWORK menu. There will be a wan option, click on that menu.
  • After that click on the tab labeled Connection Name. Then several options will appear, choose the omci_ipv4_pppoe_1
  • From there you will also find your indihome number in the username section.

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That was the information we could convey about how to check Indihome numbers. We hope that the information we provide can be useful for you readers.

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