6 Ways to Make Moon Wallpaper on Phasesmoon Com that went viral on Tiktok


Phasesmoon com has recently become a very interesting thing to talk about, especially by netizens.

The moon has different shapes, according to its phase. Because the moon also has its own phases.

The moon phase is usually given a name or is called the moon phase.

Maybe you are wondering what the moon looked like when you were born?

If you are curious about this, then you should listen to the article we wrote.

Because in this article we will write about how to make moon wallpaper at phasesmoon com.

By reading the article that we share, you will gain knowledge about what you are asking.

You can also make wallpapers precisely and easily.

So you have to read this article carefully.

Phaesemoon Com

For those of you who are not familiar with this term, you must be wondering what is meant by Phasesmoon com?

So phasesmoon is a siuts that provides services to see the moon phase or the shape of the moon on special dates.

It can be said that this site is very similar to the lunaf site which is currently viral as well.

This phasesmoon site is easier to use when compared to the lunaf site which is currently a trending topic.

Through phasesmoon, you can see the phases of the moon from 1900 to 2149.

In addition, the moon phase contained on this site can also be adjusted to your location.

The reason is because sometimes the moon display can look different from different locations.

How to see the Moon Phase on Phasesmoon Com

The way to see the moon phase through this site is also very easy, of course you can.

Here’s how to see the moon phase on the site:

  1. The first step to see the moon phase is that you have to visit the site. We will include the link later in this article:
  2. Then you can write or type in the city or country location as you like.
  3. Then in the Select date section you can fill in the date you want to find the moon phases.
  4. Next, you have to press the Go button, you need to wait a moment. If the moon phase you are looking for has appeared, then that is the result of the month you are looking for.

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How to Make Moon Wallpaper on Phasesmoon Com

  1. Find the moon phase of the date you want.
  2. Long tap on the image that appears, click download image.
  3. Open the PicsArt app
  4. Create a new project with a black background
  5. Add moon image, add text or effects
  6. Save and use for moon wallpaper

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This is how to make moon wallpaper in phasesmoon Com.

Thank you for reading on my Esports

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