6 Ways to Use the Money-Making Rupiah Link


The money-making rupiah link is a site to make money that is legit and without a deposit.

To earn money, you can use the site.

Through this site, you can easily get additional income.

If you are interested in getting extra money from this site, then you should listen to the article that we provide.

In this article, we will write about how to use money-making rupiah links.

By listening to the articles we wrote, of course you will get knowledge about using these links.

When you get the knowledge, then you can immediately put it into practice.

Therefore you must listen to this article carefully, you must also listen to it thoroughly.

How to Register a Money-Making Rupiah Link

Rupiah Link

To register on this site is certainly very easy, not long-winded and not complicated.

You just have to visit this site

If you have entered the site link, then you can press the three line menu button.

If you have, then click sign up to register at the Rupiah link.

Then fill in the registration form by filling in your new username and password for your rupiah link, after that complete the Google Captcha.

Continue by ticking the I agree to the terms of use and privacy policy button, then click Register to register yourself on the site.

How to Download the Money-Making Rupiah Link Application

You should know that this rupiah link is not an application, but a website.

Because it is a website, so you don’t need to download it.

To use this site, all you have to do is visit the website link.

The following is a link that you can access to visit the site:

How Money Generating Rupiah Links Work

In this site, you can also share links to earn extra money.

So that you can earn money, then you can enter the link to the rupiah link site.

Examples are: tiktok video links or links to other files.

The link that you have entered will be shortened later, it is this shortened link that you must share later.

If the link is clicked, then you will enter the ad web first before entering the main link that you entered.

Ads that appear before entering the main link that is an additional source of income from this site.

In this site, the income you get is 25,000 to 82,000.

Every 1000 people who click on your link.

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How to Use the Money-Making Rupiah Link

  1. Copy Tiktok video link
  2. Login to site
  3. Paste the link you copied
  4. Copy the link that has been shortened
  5. Click the CPM button
  6. Click the withdrawal menu to withdraw money.

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That’s the way to use the money-making Rupiah Link.

Thank you for reading on my Esports

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