7 Ways to Make Patrick Stickers on WhatsApp


Patrick’s sticker is a character using the icon in the Spongebob Squarepant cartoon. There are a lot of WA users who use it.

Even recently, these stickers are also used to edit pause videos.

On this occasion, we will give Patrick WA stickers which are very cool. You can also use this sticker as a regular WA sticker.

In addition, you can use this unique sticker to edit pause videos.

For those of you who want to use this sticker, then our advice you should listen to the article that we wrote.

In this article, we will explain how to make Patrick’s stickers on WA social media.

So that you can immediately make this unique sticker, then you must read this article carefully.

Patrick Stickers

Patrick Stickers

This sticker on WA social media has been modified a lot by adding very funny words.

Even the included words contain satire too.

You can add this sticker to the sticker collection you have on your WA.

If you are someone who really likes editing, you can also use this sticker to create the video content you want.

Especially now that there is a lot of satirical content using this sticker on WA.

That way, a lot of WA users are looking for this sticker.

Download Sticker Patrick

We will provide two packs of Patrick’s WA stickers.

Each pack that we present contains very cute stickers and of course very cool too.

You can download both stickers to add to your sticker collection in your WA account.

We also provide a link that you can access to download the sticker.

Here is a link you can use:

Version 1:

Version 2: Https://

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How to Make Patrick’s Stickers

Making these stickers is very easy, of course you can make them.

After you download the sticker via the link we shared above, then you can use the sticker for WA or edit.

To edit a sticker, all you do is extract the file from the sticker, then use the sticker for your video content.

However, if you use this sticker as a WA sticker, then the method is as follows:

  1. You must first install the application through the play store or app market, then download the sticker raw.
  2. Extract the raw sticker file that you have downloaded.
  3. Open the application, then click the Sya button in the lower right corner.
  4. Press the New Pak button, select the regular, enter the User and Creator name, press the Create button.
  5. Click the Add sticker button.
  6. Tap the next button.
  7. Click the add button, if you want to add a sticker to WA

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That’s how to make Patrick’s stickers.

Thank you for reading on my Esports

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