7 Ways to Overcome TikTok that can’t be opened

Tiktok that cannot be opened makes users panic and confused, maybe you are one of those users who have experienced this.

Our advice is that you don’t have to worry about this kind of Tik Tok problem.

Because the Tik tok application is experiencing this error, of course it can be fixed.

If your account can’t be opened, you should take it easy. You just read the article that we wrote this.

Because in this article we will discuss how to deal with applications that cannot be opened.

Then you must listen to the article that we convey carefully.

So that you can find a solution to solve problems with your Tiktok account.

Cause Tiktok can’t be opened


Actually there are several factors that cause your account can not be opened.

Here we will convey the causes that cause your Tik Tok can not be opened as usual:

  1. Bad Internet Connection

Tik tok application is an application that must use the internet.

So if the internet connection is bad, your Tik tok application will automatically experience lag.

In addition, if the connection is bad it also causes the Tik tok application to be difficult to open.

  1. HP Overheat

The cause of your Tik Tok cannot be opened can also be caused by the cellphone you are using is overheating.

If your cellphone has small RAM and its position on your cellphone has a lot of applications, then it makes your Tik Tok difficult to open.

  1. Chace Piles

In addition, the cause of Tik Tok cannot be opened, namely because in your Tik Tok application there is a lot of garbage.

The number of caches in the Tik tok application makes your Tik tok account difficult to open, errors must often occur.

  1. Internal Memory Is Full

The next factor that makes your Tik Tok application unable to be opened is because the internal memory on your cellphone is full.

If your cellphone’s internal memory is full, then your TikTok account has been opened, it could even be that your TikTok suddenly closes by itself.

  1. Using Old Versions of Tiktok

Using the old version of the Tik tok application is also one of the reasons why your Tik tok can’t be opened.

  1. Using unofficial Tiktok apk

The Tiktok MOD application is an unofficial Tik tok apk, this makes your Tik tok account difficult to open.

Even when you use this version, you will often experience errors.

  1. Tiktok Server is Down

The factor that causes your Tik Tok application cannot be opened because the Tiik Tok application server is in a down condition.

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How to solve Tiktok that can’t be opened

  1. Changing internet connection
  2. Close applications that you are not using.
  3. Delete the cache in the Tik tok application
  4. Delete files that you don’t use
  5. Update the latest version of the Tiktok application
  6. Install the Tik tok app
  7. Try periodically

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Well, that’s how to solve Tik Tok that can’t be opened.

Thank you for reading on my Esports

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