7 Ways to Use the SAGIS App

SAGIS application stands for Social Affair Geographic Information System.

This application is an application issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos).

The SAGIS application is used to collect survey target data from the Ministry of Social Affairs.

You, if appointed by a field officer by the Ministry of Social Affairs, must understand this application.

If you still don’t know how to use it, you can listen to the article that we present.

Because in this article we will write about how to use the SAGIS application.

By reading the article that we have written, you will get the knowledge to use the application.

Therefore, you should read this article carefully.

SAGIS Application Functions

The SAGIS application or Social Affair Geographic Information System is an application created by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

This apk is intended to be used as a tool to collect target data.

The survey conducted by field officers from the Ministry of Social Affairs will eventually be inputted into the SAGIS apk.

This is done so that data from surveys that have been carried out can be easily integrated by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

So field officers from the Ministry of Social Affairs must be able to use this application.

How to Download the SAGIS Application

Sagis App
Google Play

You can get this application from the Google Play store.

The trick is that you simply write SAGIS in the Google play store search column, then tap the Ministry of Social’s SAGIS application.

Then press the install button to install the SAGIS application.

If you are having trouble finding the SAGIS apk on the Google play store, then you can download this application via the link.

We have prepared a link that you can use to download the SAGIS apk.

Here is a link that you can access:

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How to Use the SAGIS App

How to use the SAGIS application is very easy, because it looks very simple, making it easy for users to use it.

Here’s how to use the SAGIS Apk:

  1. Open the SAGIS apk, if you have opened the application, then proceed to register first.
  2. Then enter the username and password that the admin gave when logging in. Then turn on the GPS when you use this SAGIS apk.
  3. After that, enter the NIK correctly, then click the Data process button to continue the process.
  4. Then continue by filling out the available survey questions according to the conditions in the field. When it is done, the summary will appear.
  5. Then you have to select the type of job in the Dropdown menu with your work in the field, then click Take Picture.
  6. When you have taken a picture, then you can check the Clear button and the picture will automatically match the GPS coordinates.
  7. After that you just click the Save Data button.

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That’s how to use the SAGIS application.

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