8 Ways to Change Tiktok Extra Quota Into Regular Quota


Tiktok Extra Quota can actually be converted into a regular quota, maybe you are one of those people who want to change the extra quota to regular quota.

Quota Tri as one of the cellular operators with quite a lot of users, of course, competes with other operators.

Well, one of the tricks of the tri operator in order to keep its loyal customers is to provide free quota.

At this time, quota tri is providing extra quota for Tiktok quota for free.

For those of you who use the Tri network, have you got this Tiktok quota for free?

If you haven’t got a Tiktok quota, then you should listen to this article that we wrote.

Because in this article, we will discuss how to convert Tiktok extra quota into regular quota.

By listening to the article that we wrote, then you will know how to change it.

Then you will get a regular quota to access Tiktok social media.

So you have to read this article carefully.

Tiktok Tri Extra Quota

Tiktok Extra Quota

Maybe you are still wondering, what is meant by a Tiktok Tri coup?

If you are still curious about this, then we will let you know.

Tiktok quota is a free quota provided by the Tri operator to its loyal customers.

The Tiktok quota given by Operator Tri to its users is 10B. Very much yes.

You can say that the amount of quota is quite a lot and it is satisfied to use it to access Tiktok.

In addition, you can also change the Tiktok Tri quota to a regular quota. What do you mean?

That is, the Tiktok quota provided by the Tri operator can be changed to a regular quota.

So the quota can not only be used to access Tiktok social media, but can be used to access others, as you wish.

Cellular operators that provide free quota facilities are operators Tri and Indosat, which both provide 10GB to their users.

For those of you who don’t know that the Tri and Indosat operators have now merged, so you don’t have to wonder why these two operators provide the same amount of quota.

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How to Change Tiktok Extra Quota to Regular Quota

To change the Tiktok quota is actually very easy, as long as you are listening to the article we discussed, of course you can.

Here’s how to change Tiktok quota to regular quota:

  1. You must download the Psiphon Pro application via this link
  2. Install the Psiphon Pro app
  3. Tap the Options menu, tick Tunnel Whole Device
  4. Tap the More Options button, check the Connect Through on HTTP Proxy menu.
  5. Click custom HTTP headers, check the Add custom HTTP headers setting.
  6. Header 1 change the header name to host and change the header value to
  7. Header 2 change the header name to connection, change the header value keep-alive.
  8. Return to the Psiphon Pro Home menu, press the start button

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That’s the way to change tiktok’s extra quota into regular quota.

Thank you for reading on my Esports

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