9 Sites Where to Download Free Ebooks


There are quite a few sites where you can download free ebooks. And in today’s digital era, there are indeed many sites available. And one of them is that you can download on sites where you can download free ebooks.

In the digital era like today, there are lots of conveniences that you can get by having internet access. One of them is that you can download free ebooks in PDF format.

In the past, you had to get a book, we had to hunt in bookstores and even out of town. However, not for now because you can search for digital books or PDF formats.

There are so many sites that provide this ebook on the internet. They offer various genres of books, ranging from textbooks, history, essays, to entertainment-themed ebooks such as novels and story books.

So how about this site where you can download free ebooks? Here’s the review!

9 Sites Where to Download Free Ebooks

9 Sites Where to Download Free Ebooks

What Are Ebooks?

As you know, reading this book is an activity that has a lot of great benefits in our lives. You can get a lot of knowledge from a book.

You know, if you read a lot of books, you will also gain useful knowledge and experience. And from books you will also get a myriad of knowledge, information and new knowledge.

The development of the times, making the form of books now can not only be enjoyed in physical form. Now, there is electronic book technology that makes a book accessible digitally through smartphone devices, as well as desktops such as PCs and laptops.

And indeed this electronic book is what is then referred to as an ebook. There are many ebooks that you can get from the internet, both paid and free.

On these sites you will get various types of electronic books or ebooks for free!

1. Book Boon

The site where you can download the first free ebook is And has become one of the publishing companies with an international scale.

BookBoon is also rated as one of the largest ebook or electronic book publishing companies in all parts of the world. Specifically, you will also find many ebooks on scientific research, and books on education that are specifically for students, students, or workers and businessmen.

To be able to get free ebbok on this bookbon site, you must first create an account to log in. There are hundreds of thousands to millions of ebooks that you can read. For accounts in the Student category, you can read at least 1000 ebooks more, for free.

As for the business category, you are also required to pay an access fee and also a subscription of 5.99 US dollars every month. You also don’t need to worry, because you can still get free access during the trail period for a period of 30 days from the time you register.

Besides you can download electronic books or ebooks from, you can also read them online.

2. DigiLibraries

The second site where you can download free ebooks is DigiLibraries. DigiLibraries is a format that provides lots of ebooks that you can get for free without having to pay a subscription fee.

The ebook collection from DigiLibraries continues to be updated every day. To find the book you are looking for, it’s quite easy, just by typing the title of the book in the search field

3. FeedBooks

FeedBooks is one of the sites where you can download the next free ebook. In addition to providing ebooks that can be obtained for free, you can also buy premium or paid ebooks provided by the FeedBooks website.

This one website is very easy and also quite light to access. You can open it easily via a smartphone or provided by this FeedBooks website.

This website is very easy to access. You can also open it very easily via your smartphone or tablet. On this website, you can also get many ebooks with fiction or non-fiction genres.

4. ManyBooks

ManyBooks is one of the sites where you can download the next free ebook. Manybooks itself has a collection of approximately 50,000 ebooks that can be accessed by its users for free without any fees other than internet quota.

You can also easily find the book you are looking for just by entering keywords in the form of title, ebook category, author’s name, and so on in the search field that is already available.

Besides being able to download the ebook there, you can also read the ebook online on the ManyBooks website platform without having to download the ebook first.

You can get a variety of download formats from this website. Examples are ranging from ebook, PDF, Kindle, mobi, and others.

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5. OpenLibrary

The next site where you can download free ebooks is You can also get ebooks for free on this website. You users can get the book you want easily and not complicated.

And what’s more interesting about this site is its diverse collection of classic books. For you classic book lovers, you can get the ebook version in pdf format here.

6. Bookyards

The next site on this list is And indeed, like the others, this ebook provides tens of thousands of ebook choices with interesting titles.

This ebook website is supported by more than 6 thousand contributor writers who are ready to add to the ebook collection every day on the website. You can find many genres of ebooks on this site, from educational books to fiction books such as novels and so on.

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7. EbookLoby

The seventh free ebook download site is EbookLoby. This EbookLoby has a fairly simple appearance, but has the benefits that you can get from ebook collections on other Ebook sites.

Those of you who need tutorial ebooks, whether about art, fashion, electronics, computers, etc., just go here, because this site is a repository for such ebooks.

This simple web interface allows users to more easily access the site without having to be burdened with loading the web because of the many decorative ornaments.

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8. GetFreeBooks

GetFreeBooks is one of the sites where you can download the next free ebook. And just as the name suggests, you can get interesting ebooks from this one site for free.

This site can be categorized as an online library because of the large collection of various categories. The appearance is simple and modern.

According to the experience of its users, they are quite satisfied with using this website because of the easy access, light weight and slow loading of the site.

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9. Google Play Books

Google Play books is one of the sites where you can download free ebooks that are official from Google that you can function well.

There are many new ebooks available on this platform, both free and paid.

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That was the information we could convey about the site where you can download free ebooks. We hope that the information we provide can be useful for you readers.

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