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WSJ Gadget Reviewer Left with a Red Mark on Forehead After 30 Minutes of Wearing Apple’s Vision Pro

Recently, the Wall Street Journal’s gadget reviewer, Joanna Stern, tried out Apple’s highly anticipated Vision Pro headset. However, her experience didn’t go exactly as planned. Within just 30 minutes of wearing the headset, she ended up with a big red mark on her forehead.

The Vision Pro is the latest piece of technology from Apple, designed specifically for augmented reality experiences. The headset offers users an immersive and interactive experience, allowing them to interact with virtual objects and environments. However, the device’s design has come under some scrutiny, with many critics questioning its comfort and usability.

Stern’s review of the Vision Pro highlighted some of these issues. She noted that the headset was heavy and cumbersome, and that it was challenging to find the right fit. However, things took a turn for the worse when she removed the device from her head, revealing a large red mark on her forehead.

The mark was caused by the headset’s design, which features a hard plastic band that rests across the wearer’s forehead. The band is designed to distribute the headset’s weight evenly and prevent it from slipping down the user’s nose. However, for Stern and many others, the effects of this design were less than desirable.

Despite the discomfort caused by the headset, Stern acknowledged that the Vision Pro has some impressive features. She noted the device’s ability to map the user’s environment in real-time and the quality of the graphics displayed in the headset. However, it’s clear that the headset’s design is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Overall, the red mark on Stern’s forehead serves as a reminder that even the most innovative and impressive pieces of technology are not without their flaws. It’s up to manufacturers like Apple to listen to feedback from users and ensure that their products are not only functional but comfortable to use as well. Though the Vision Pro may have a ways to go in terms of user experience, its potential to transform the way we interact with technology should not be overlooked.

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