Best Galaxy Note20 Ultra Cases


Rumor has it that the Note series may be nearing its premature end, and this Note20 Ultra in your pocket could very well be the last hurray that sparked the phablet craze back in 2011. To keep your beloved Note20 Ultra in top condition. we have compiled a list of cases that you might want to consider.

Best customizable option: dbrand Grip (recommended)

There is no case more customizable for the Note20 than the dbrand Grip, and it will make it easier to hold this big and slippery phone. The edge has a thin, grippy texture, and the ridges on the sides add a little more friction where your fingers can rest. Its design provides good protection for cameras and a curved front glass.

The back of the Grip has a perfectly sized flat space for Note20 Ultra vinyl covers. I have a transparent “Teardown” skin attached to the photo, but you can apply whatever you want, such as the new dbrand smooth pastels or the Swarm textured pattern. You can even remove the skin and put on a new one whenever you want, which you definitely cannot say about any other occasion.

Most Enduring: Poetic Spartan

How paranoid are you wanting to break your phone? Since you’re reading the article on phone cases, I’m guessing the answer is “at least in part.” Then maybe you need a Poetic Spartan. It is huge and offers very good protection for your phone.

Poetic Spartan consists of two parts: a rigid frame that attaches to the phone, and a single slightly less rigid rubberized case in which it is fixed. It provides ample protection for the screen, corners and camera module, and there is a sturdy stand on the back.

Best Budget Case: Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen Tough Armor is a good “everything in a budget case”. If offers a lot of protection, comfortable buttons and comes with a small stand. It has reinforced corners to withstand a drop, and internal impact-resistant foam helps protect the larger rear of the glass. The conservative edge design is also unlikely to interfere with touch interaction.

If you want a case that checks all the boxes and does it for the cheap (usually around $ 15), Tough Armor is a good choice.

Hardest to drop: Speck Presidio 2 Grip

There are not many bells and whistles in Speck’s suitcases, but protection is usually the main thing here. The Presidio 2 Grip is a rubberized case with lugs on the sides and back to keep the massive phone in your hand where it needs to be. It has a flexible angled design that allows you to easily insert your phone while remaining secure. It is a soft-touch plastic material with antimicrobial coating.

What’s best for you?

Choosing a phone case is as personal as it is practical, and it all depends on your budget and taste. If you are looking for a fairly durable and customized case, grip dbrand remains our favorite. If reliability is the top priority, we think that The poetic offers the best protection at the lowest price.

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