Buy this Chromebook from Samsung for the price of a pair of AirPods.


Samsung Chromebook 4 can be yours for just $ 160 ($ 70 off)

Ever since we are in the midst of a pandemic and find ourselves working and studying at home, Chromebooks have been selling like hotcakes. Since everyone is trying to get their hands on something, availability is often limited, but there is a good deal from time to time. The latest in the lineup is the 11.6-inch Samsung Chromebook 4, which currently only costs $ 159.99. on Amazon, which is $ 70 off the list price. Biggest disadvantage: it will likely not go on sale until March.

The Samsung Chromebook 4 is a small 11.6-inch laptop with an Intel Celeron N4000 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of eMMC storage. It’s great as the first machine for kids looking to learn remotely or if you ever only open a few tabs at a time. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t have a touchscreen, although let me be honest – I almost never use the touchscreen that my own Chromebook has. In addition, Samsung promises 12 hours of battery life, military grade reliability and gigabit Wi-Fi. Chromebooks will receive updates until June 2026.

You can buy a Chromebook 4 today on Amazonbut keep in mind the machine won’t be in stock until March 6th – don’t rush into this deal if you need a new laptop right now. But if you can wait, this is one of the best prices we’ve ever seen on a Samsung Chromebook 4.

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