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Download and Install Vivaldi – Best Internet Browser for Linux Ubuntu


Install Vivaldi, the best web browser for Ubuntu Linux. Users can download the Vivaldi browser for Windows and Linux for free. Vivaldi is the best internet browser for Linux Ubuntu

Install Vivaldi 5.0

Vivaldi 5.0 is released with generic themes, a translation panel with automatic translations, and more.

The announcement reads:

“Increasing the level of customization in the latest version of Vivaldi for desktops and laptops. Create browser themes with the new editor, share with the world and install themes from the community with one click. In terms of performance, the new translation panel allows you to instantly translate selected text. “

It also brings Translation panel with automatic translation… The Translation Bar is the latest addition to the browser’s built-in translation features and gives you a unique way to translate snippets of text. Sometimes it is necessary to translate pieces of content on a page into a language that is difficult to understand. Or perhaps you’re learning a new language by taking snippets at a time, rather than just translating full pages. The translation panel is the perfect learning aid.

Topics to share

Users can now create themes from scratch, customize the default options that come with Vivaldi, and even schedule them to change throughout the day. Vivaldi 5.0 offers:

  1. Themes including background image: You no longer need to edit the theme and background image separately. The updated theme editor now includes a background image for each theme.
  2. Custom themes, more in advance: To enable a theme in your settings, just click it to instantly apply it in your browser. Using the minus button, you can delete topics as you see fit. Please note that you can only delete themes that you have created or installed, not the ones that come with Vivaldi by default. The preview is now also more accurate, showing the correct rounded corners and colors to match the grip theme.
  3. “New Themes”, easy to spot: We have two new buttons at the bottom of the predefined list of themes with two intuitive actions. One is a shortcut to create your own new theme, the other is a link to where you can download themes created by other Vivaldi users.
  4. Theme editor, your new playground for flowers: here you can let your imagination run wild. You can edit the colors, settings, and background to keep your browser looking as fresh as you like.
  5. Settings and themes are the perfect combination: you now have more control over how you render and design your themes. With several settings dedicated to each theme, you can fine-tune the settings for each one. We also worked with rounded corners, tab bar opacity and more.
  6. Export, Import, Share and Share “Wow!” Themes make it easy to reveal your personality, and colors are a great way to connect with people. That’s why we now allow you to share topics. You can import and export themes from friends and for others using two new buttons – “Open Theme” and “Export Theme” – at the bottom of the theme editor. When your theme is satisfied, simply click the Export button to generate the ZIP file. Share it!
  7. Easy to share and even download: there is no limit here. Of course, you can share themes directly with your friends, but you can also share them with an even wider world. Upload your themes to our new theme gallery to share your creations!
  8. Vivaldi theme gallery, library of colors, thoughts and creativity: at you can browse a collection of themes created by Vivaldi and others. Install as many themes as you want by simply clicking “Install Theme” to add the theme to your library in your browser settings. Prefer not to install themes from the Internet? The zipper between friends works too. In the settings, the Open Topics button allows you to open archived topics from your local computer.

Automatic translation panel

You could already translate selected texts in popup / dialog with Vivaldi Translate in a few quick steps. But the translation panel takes it to the next level by offering one-step automatic translation. Once enabled (and with the panel open), you only need to select the text to instantly see its translation in the panel. No additional clicks are required.

You can also translate the selected text by typing or pasting the selected text into the translation bar, or simply translating the selected text using the translation icon, context menu, or even a shortcut. Both the selected text and its translation can be viewed in the Panel, which works like a charm.

The history of all recent transfers can also be obtained through the Panel.

Download Vivaldi

The new Vivaldi 5.0 is available for Windows, Linux, macOS. Get it now on desktops and laptops.

Head towards change log for more details and enjoy Vivaldi 5.0.

Download Vivaldi

Install the Vivaldi 5 web browser

Run the following commands in terminal to install Vivaldi 5 web browser on Linux Ubuntu:

sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt update
wget -qO- | sudo apt-key add -
sudo add-apt-repository 'deb stable main'
sudo apt update
sudo apt install vivaldi-stable


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