Download Instagram Videos Without Applications, Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Download


Downloading Instagram videos currently doesn’t need to use the application, so you can download videos on IG without using the application.

Actually there are many ways that you can use to change IG videos without using an application.

In general, IG users when downloading videos on IG usually use the application.

In fact, if you download videos on IG using the application, it’s not practical.

Even downloading videos using the application also has an impact on the memory of the device you are using quickly full.

Therefore, many IG users are wondering about how to download videos without using additional applications.

If you are an IG user who downloads videos without an application, then you should listen to the article that discusses this

Because in this article we wrote, we will discuss how to download Instagram videos without using an application.

So when you read the article that we wrote thoroughly, then you will get knowledge about downloading videos without an application.

In addition, you can also practice it immediately, so you can download videos on IG easily and quickly.

Download Instagram Videos Without App

Download Instagram Videos

For those of you who use IG social media, of course you often take advantage of the features provided by the IG application.

One feature that is often used by its users is to view the videos on their IG account.

When viewing videos on IG, sometimes you will be interested in watching them many times, even you want to download them.

In general, when IG users download videos on IG, what they do is share them on other social media.

There are also those who download IG videos using the application.

Now the question is, can you download videos on IG without using an app?

The answer is, of course, you can download videos without using an application.

Continue to use what? You can simply use a site like to download videos on IG.

The following is a link that you can use to download videos without an application:

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How to Download Instagram Videos Without an App

The way to download IG videos is very easy.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. You must prepare the IG video link or IG reels that you want to download.
  2. Login to site
  3. Enter the video link in the field provided, then click the arrow button.
  4. After that, you have to wait a while until the IG video you downloaded appears on your screen, then click the download Mp3 button.
  5. Continue to press download again, then the IG video you want will be downloaded.

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Like that, how to download Instagram videos without using an application.

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