Easy Ways to Download Telepath APK App


The Telepath apk application is currently being heavily discussed by people.

In the current era of communication, it is very dependent on social media applications.

There are so many social media applications that you can choose from and can be used for free.

Recently, a new social media has appeared, its name is the Telepath application.

Telepath’s name may sound very foreign to people’s ears.

Because this application is indeed a new application that has just been released.

For those of you who are curious about how to get this Telepath, then you should listen to this article carefully.

Because in this article we will discuss how to download the telepath application.

Telepath App

Telepath App
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APK Telepath is a very interesting latest social media application.

The developers want to make Telepath a social media application that is free from hate speech content and fake news or hoaxes.

So that this application can be said as a new breakthrough application, thus making people want to use this application.

This Telepath stipulates several regulations, namely that users are not allowed to upload content that contains hoaxes.

If the user violates these rules, then Telepath will automatically give a notification in the form of a command.

If the user still violates these rules, the user will be permanently blocked by Telepath.

How to Use Telepath APK App

To use this application, you must be invited by a Telepath user first.

This invitation system is indeed similar to the invitation system found in the Clubhouse application.

If you don’t have friends to invite you, then you can first register yourself to the Pastih waiting list.

When you enter the Telepath waitlist, you have to wait until the Telepath gives you entry to the application.

By using this method, telepath offers a safe, good and private social media.

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How to Register a Telepath Waitlist

The following is a method that you can do when registering on the Telepath waitlist:

  1. Enter the official telepath website via the link we have provided at the bottom of this article, then click the Sign Up button.
  2. If so, then press the Let me Know button, then select the type of device you are using, select iOS or Android.
  3. Enter an active telephone number, enter the verification code that Telepath has sent to your number.
  4. Then enter your real full name and fill in the required identity.
  5. After that, you enter the waitlist, the Telepath will immediately notify you when your account is ready to be used.

The following is a link that you can use to download the Telepath application:

But at this time Telepath can only be used by iOS users, how to download it like this:

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so this is how to download the Telepath application, hopefully this article is useful.

Thank you for reading on my Esports

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