Galaxy Wearable Update Reveals New Galaxy Buds In Development (APK Teardown)


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Galaxy Wearable Update Reveals New Galaxy Buds In Development (APK Teardown)

The Galaxy Wearable app has been at the heart of all Samsung wearable hardware over the past few years. This means that every time a new device is released, Samsung has to add support for it in this app. Sometimes, if we take a closer look, we are lucky enough to notice the changes that Samsung is making in anticipation of an as-yet-unannounced device. Of course, the latest Samsung Galaxy Wearable update dropped and we were able to spot some links to the upcoming Galaxy Buds2.

Looking at latest Galaxy Wearable APKAndroid Police was able to find references to the Galaxy Buds2. The codename for these headphones is denoted as “berry” and this breakdown shows that they will be able to connect to multiple devices – that’s all we know about them at the moment.

<module-info pluginName="" pluginAppName="Galaxy Buds2">
        <group name="Galaxy Buds2" wearableType="earbud">
            <item connectAudio="true" hostMinMemory="0" icon="oobe_drawer_ic_buds" supportMultiConnection="true" supportNonSamsung="true" supportTablet="true" switchGearTitleIcon="gm_ab_logo_buds">Galaxy Buds2</item>

We were also able to confirm that this is not just an alternate name for some existing pair of Galaxy Buds series models, but will instead exist as a separate product. Unfortunately, we have no further information on Samsung’s release plans or possible specifications for these headphones at this time.

They will likely replace the original Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus from 2019 to 2020 in Samsung’s lineup of audio systems. This already crowded series threatens to confuse even more with the introduction of the Galaxy Buds2, but hopefully things will become clearer as we get closer to the launch, which will likely happen in just a few months.

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