Here are the 5 best new features of Samsung Good Lock 2021


Good Lock is a must-have app if you have a Galaxy device. It allows for customization that most users can only dream of without the need for root or special ROM. While major One UI updates break compatibility, it can be annoying, but it gives the Good Lock team regular opportunities to redo everything and introduce new features. This was the case when the 2021 updates kicked off last month, so let’s take a look at the best features currently available in Samsung Smart Lock.


NavStar has needed new features for a while thanks to Android 10’s move to gesture navigation. The latest version allows you to customize the gesture bar in several ways. “Transparent Tooltip” removes the background from behind the gesture handle, allowing app content to fill the entire screen just like on iOS. This is a good concept, but still needs some work, as it has some minor bugs.

Changing the color and width of the gesture handle works well, however, and being able to do so is one of my favorite additions. By default, the Samsung grip is quite wide compared to the Pixel. You can now shrink it to fit Google’s version, or stretch it to mimic an iPhone.

Theme park

Theme editor with color picker, blur slider and new theme elements

Theme Park allows you to create custom themes for your device, but this has been difficult in the past as wallpaper was required to extract colors. Fortunately, this has been changed so that you can choose any color you like without the need for an image. You can also manually style each UI element and adjust the blur level in the new One UI 3 notification shade.


SoundAssistant offers a lot of tweaks and tweaks to the volume bar, but it got an important new feature this year. Bluetooth Metronome lets you customize audio latency on Bluetooth devices, eliminating latency issues. When the arrow passes over one of the red lines, a beep will sound. Adjust the slider until the arrow and sound are perfectly in sync and then you should have perfect lip sync when watching YouTube or Netflix.

It works incredibly cleverly. Think of a YouTube video as two separate pieces of media — video and audio — that play simultaneously. If you move the slider to the right, your phone will play the video in front of the audio, increasing the latency to match your headphones correctly. If you pull the other way, the opposite happens: the audio will play before the video. If you’re using less expensive or older Bluetooth headphones, this can be an invaluable feature. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is built into One UI 3.5 or 4.o this year.

One-handed operation +

One Hand is my favorite module, adding various actions for swiping to the side of the display. The 2021 redesign added a new menu that allows you to customize the angles of each gesture. It’s a small touch, but it adds even more flexibility to an already extensive module.

Home up

Left: Share menu, Middle: Application Selector, Correctly: Selecting the part of the app you want to share

This feature was actually added last year, but due to the fact that it came out just a few weeks before One UI 3, which completely broke the module, many of us didn’t get a chance to use it until 2021. In the sharing menu, you can customize various aspects of the shared sheet. In my experience, Direct Share was always useless, downloaded endlessly, and never suggested the contacts I wanted. Here you can turn it off or choose which apps and contacts it should display. Since the phone no longer tries to figure it out for you, it boots up almost instantly and is really useful.

You can also do the same setting from the main sharing menu. Not only can you specify which apps should appear when you click the Share button, you can also target specific parts of the apps. On Instagram, for example, I have a Direct toggle switch, but stories and feed are off. Now when I share something, I only get one Instagram badge instead of three, which saves space. You can also add an All Apps button at the top for those rare occasions when you need to share something with an app that you use less often.

Good Lock 2021 was a good update overall. Apart from restoring most of the functionality from previous versions, there are many new perks. I look forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings as the development team brings even more improvements to it.

All modules are available in the Galaxy Store, but if Good Lock is not available in your country, you can also find all relevant APK Mirror links here.

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