How to Choose a Samsung Smartphone in 2021: The Complete Buyer’s Guide



Samsung is probably the most famous Android device maker on the planet – you probably knew some of the less tech-savvy people who generally refer to Android phones as “galaxies.” The reason is that its devices are generally competent and sell well, and also because the South Korean giant produces close to a billion models in every imaginable price point. So, if you want to buy, how do you choose? Here we will break down your options – from super-premium to the essentials.

Premium: $ 700 and up

It’s probably unsurprising that when it comes to getting the best phones Samsung has to offer, no matter the price, the flagship S21 lineup is your best bet. This is especially true considering there was no Note phone this year. But there are some differences between the three S21 models besides the size.

Galaxy S21 Ultra

If you’re planning to peak Samsung in 2021, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is for you. It’s a huge son of a gun, with a 1440p, 120Hz, 6.8-inch screen, and that’s fastequipped with the latest Snapdragon 888 processor and at least 12 gigabytes of RAM. In our review, we found its cameras to be fantastic, too. David particularly praised his 10x telephoto lens, calling it an “absolute gem”.

It’s expensive, though, with a MSRP starting at $ 1,200 and going up to $ 1,380 for the highest trim level. But if you want that unambiguously Best Samsung has to offer, that’s all.

Where to buy the Galaxy S21 Ultra:

Galaxy S21 +

Move on to the S21 + and you’re missing out on some of the camera features (mostly telephoto lenses, of which the Ultra has two), the screen (it has a 6.7-inch screen compared to the Ultra’s 6.8) and minor performance improvements (it has “only” eight gigabytes of RAM), but you’re also saving some serious money. In our review, Ryan liked the S21 + ‘s comparatively thin design and flatter display compared to the more expensive S21 Ultra. “The S21 Ultra is undoubtedly the ‘best’ phone,” he wrote, “but it is $ 200 more expensive and not as easy to use.” You can buy the S21 + starting at $ 1,000.

Where to buy Galaxy S21 +:

Galaxy S21

The regular Galaxy S21 offers Samsung’s premium experience in a relatively compact body with a “small” 6.2-inch display. Sure, its back is plastic, but it’s a damn good plastic, and this is almost the only concession made to achieve a significantly lower MSRP. In our review, Ryan concluded that “if we get right down to business, the Galaxy S21 is a great phone at a great price,” which is hard to argue with: it starts at $ 800 and has selling prices already up to $ 650. …

Where to buy Galaxy S21:

Intermediate: $ 300-699

Samsung’s top-tier phones aren’t nearly as expensive as they used to be, but it’s still perfectly reasonable not to want to spend more on a phone than on a rental. Fortunately, the company offers a range of mid-range options, the best of which are part of the flagship line.

Galaxy S20 Fan Edition

The S20 FE occupies an interesting niche in Samsung’s smartphone portfolio. At a suggested retail price of $ 699 (and often sold at a lower price point), it offers much of what made last year’s S20 lineup desirable at a much lower price point. It features a 120Hz display and Snapdragon 865 processor (bundled with 5G!), As well as additional perks like wireless charging. My review said it was arguably the best phone of 2020 – and I think it would be if it weren’t for some devices experiencing a weird touchscreen issue. That said, if you’re willing to return or exchange your device if affected, the S20 FE is a fantastic package at the right price point.

Where to buy the Galaxy S20 FE:

Galaxy A71

Samsung recently announced its 2021 A-series lineup for the US, but did not include the Galaxy A72 – but that’s okay, because last year’s A71 is still no good. It doesn’t have wireless charging or IP water and dust protection like the S20 FE, but it still has some pretty luxurious finishes like a 1080p AMOLED display and a 5G-enabled Snapdragon 765G chipset – the same one used on google. the flagship Pixel 5. It’s not available unlocked, but you can get it from a variety of carriers starting at $ 600.

Where to buy the Galaxy A71:

Galaxy A52

We haven’t had a chance to use the new Galaxy A52 yet, but it looks very promising. It is powered by a Snapdragon 750G chipset with 5G support, a 120Hz AMOLED display, six gigabytes of RAM and Android 11, and the promise of three OS version updates and four years of security patches. At $ 500, this looks like a fantastic price tag.

Where to buy Galaxy A52:

Honorable mentions

Verizon? Consider an exclusive cinematography Galaxy A42 5G… It offers some of the same benefits as the A52, namely the Snapdragon 750G processor, 128GB internal storage and Android 11 for $ 100 less. Take one of Samsung or Verizon… And if you look closely, you can find last year’s Galaxy A51 for $ 350 or less from time to time Amazon or straight from Samsung

Budget: $ 299 or less

Let’s say you’re looking for an even lower cost device. Not a problem! Samsung is the entire budget market with smartphones starting at $ 110.

Galaxy A32

Samsung’s new Galaxy S32 is a miracle. At $ 280, this is one of the cheapest 5G phones you can buy. It runs on a rather modest MediaTek 720 processor and four gigabytes of RAM, but that’s more than enough for what most people do on their phones. It also has a powerful 5,000mAh battery, an in-display fingerprint sensor and Android 11 in tow – so this shouldn’t be a big compromise. However, this is only available with a few operators.

Where to buy Galaxy A32:

Galaxy A12

Another new addition to the A-Series lineup, the A12 has a lot to offer for under $ 200. Like the A32, it has a large 5000mAh battery and a large 6.5-inch screen (albeit only 720p). A three-year security update is also guaranteed. If you’re looking for a great deal on AT&T, Cricket, Metro, or T-Mobile, be sure to check out this one. It’s $ 180.

Where to buy Galaxy A12:

Galaxy A02s

The Galaxy A02s are priced at just $ 110 and are about as cheap as smartphones. It’s super simple, with an old processor and only two gigabytes of RAM. It doesn’t even have a fingerprint sensor. But listen, it has the same big battery as the A32 and A12 and will make calls and text messages with the best of them. If you are looking for something simple and inexpensive, this definitely suits your needs. It is slated to go on sale later this month from various carriers, and will also be unlocked directly from Samsung.

Honorable mention

AT Galaxy A21 it has many of the same parts as the new A12 – same processor, same RAM, similar display – with the advantage of being sold unlocked (from retailers, for example, Amazon) for use on any medium. Considering the current market, its MSRP of $ 250 is a bit overpriced, but it was spotted selling for just $ 149. If you see one for that price, you’ve found yourself a great deal.

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