How to install the latest Mate Desktop on Ubuntu and Fedora


MATE the desktop is a simple, intuitive and attractive sequel GNOME 2. Active development work can be continuously improved with the help of modern technology, while adhering to the traditional desktop experience.

There are several Linux distributions that support MATE including a desk, of course Ubuntu, and there is its own Ubuntu MATE edition for this stylish desktop environment.

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This guide describes the simple steps to install the latest version of the MATE desktop Ubuntu and Fedora.

For Linux users who want to try the MATE desktop for the first time, some of its major default applications are:

  • Macro window management
  • Caja file management
  • MATE terminal, terminal emulator
  • Pluma text editor
  • Eye of MATE, a simple graphics viewer
  • Atril’s multi-page document viewer
  • Engrampa’s archive manager combined with many other small applications

Install Mate Desktop on Ubuntu Linux


You can install the latest version MATE to the desktop from the default repositories as shown in the figure:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt install ubuntu-mate-desktop

If you want to upgrade MATE to the latest version, run the command below after updating the system:

$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Wait a few minutes, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, the installation process will end, log out of your current session, or reboot and select MATE on the desktop in the login interface as shown below.

Select Mate in Ubuntu
Select Mate in Ubuntu
Running Mate Desktop in Ubuntu
Running Mate Desktop in Ubuntu

Install Mate Desktop on Fedora Linux

It’s pretty easy to install Guy Desktop next to the current Fedora desktop using the dnf command as shown.

# dnf install @mate-desktop

If you also want to install Mate-related tools, you can install them with this command.

# dnf install @mate-applications

When the Mate desktop installation is complete, log out of the current session and select the Mate desktop environment you want to use and log in.

Select Mate Desktop from the Fedora Login page
Select Mate Desktop from the Fedora Login page
Using Mate Desktop on Fedora Linux
Using Mate Desktop on Fedora Linux

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Remove Mate Desktop from Ubuntu and Fedora

If you don’t like it Guy Desktop, you can remove it completely from your Linux distribution by following the instructions below.

---------------- On Ubuntu Linux ---------------- 
$ sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-mate-desktop 
$ sudo apt-get autoremove

---------------- On Fedora Linux ---------------- 
# dnf remove @mate-desktop
# dnf remove @mate-applications

I hope everything went well, but for those who have encountered unexpected mistakes or want to provide additional ideas for this guide, you can return to us through the comments section below.

Important if MATE does not meet your expectations as a presumably new user, you can also follow future guides for installations on other popular Linux desktop environments. Remember to always stay connected

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