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How to Unreg IM3 Service


How to unreg the IM3 service is actually quite easy to do. And as you know, subscribing to a data package at a low price is of course very fun.

Especially at a low price and you can get a large quota too. However, if in the near future the package or service you are using has run out, your credit will automatically extend the package automatically.

Then how to unreg the IM3 service? There are two easy steps that you can use to unsubscribe from IM3 internet packages either via SMS or dial.

So how to unreg this IM3 service? Here’s the review!

How to Unreg IM3 Service

How to Unregister Im3 Service

How to Unregister IM3 Service

There are two ways that you can use to stop or unregister IM3 services. The first way is via SMS, and the second way is through Call Dial.

1. Via SMS

The first way to unregister the IM3 service is via SMS or message. The way to unsubscribe from IM3 internet packages via SMS is very easy, you only need to send an SMS format, type UNREG, send to 363.

Then later you will also get a reply SMS informing you that you have stopped and have been released from the renewal of the package.

Unsubscribing to internet packages via SMS is very easy and doesn’t have to take a long time.

You can also practice it right now, and not long after, you are free from internet package subscriptions again.

This method applies to all types of internet packages that you have registered.

2. Via Dial

The second way to unregister IM3 services that you can use is by using a dial phone. The method is also very easy, you yourself only need to press *363#.

Then you can also stop the internet package that you want to stop, either the daily, weekly, or monthly internet package just by selecting option number 1.

If you have, later a confirmation will appear whether you are really sure to stop subscribing to the internet package or not. If you are sure then press 1.

But if you don’t want to stop your IM3 internet package, then please press 0. Done, of course it’s very easy, not how to unsubscribe from IM3 internet package using this dial phone.

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How to Stop Indosat SOS Package

Because recently, a lot of people have complained about their credit suddenly disappearing even though they don’t subscribe to an internet package, and basically, Indosat’s credit was mysteriously sucked in due to several things.

However, the root of this problem is that there is a premium service that is already active on your number. If you feel that you have never signed up for any premium services.

It’s possible that without realizing you have been trapped or accidentally signed up for the premium service, either via SMS or Dial.

If your Indosat number has been registered with premium services, then don’t be surprised if the credit you have will be sucked up continuously.

Even in certain cases, the credit will be sucked every day as long as the credit you have is still sufficient for the premium service.

So don’t be surprised if your credit will continue to decrease. And here are three ways that you can follow so that your credit is not sucked or lost. How to unreg the IM3 service is also quite important.

1. Stop Credit Suction Service

Maybe you yourself have received SMS containing information that is not clear, for example from the number 99787 or 99517.

And indeed that number is a number from a premium service that will suck your credit every time the number sends an SMS to your Indosat number.

And so that the pulse suction service no longer sucks up your Indosat credit, you can turn off the service. The trick is to send an SMS in the STOP type format and then send it to the premium service number that sucks the credit in question, for example 99517.

After you send the message, your request will be processed within 1×24 hours.

2. Stop Subscribing to Indosat SOS Credit

Premium services such as Zodiac, Game, and Joke info services, you can’t stop using the above method. Therefore, you also need to use other methods to unsubscribe from the premium services mentioned earlier.

For this, you can follow the steps below.

  • First, you can make a call to *123*44#. Then there will be several options. Choose number 1 Unreg certain services if you only want to exit one particular service.

Or choose option 2 Unreg all services if you want to stop all services registered on your Indosat number including the premium service.

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3. How to Overcome the Sucked IM3 Credit

If your Indosat credits, especially IM3 credits, are often sucked or cut off. And you don’t even know what services are being registered on your IM3 number.

So the easiest way you can do is to deactivate all active premium services via dial *726# or send an SMS to 726.

You can also dial *726#. Then select option 1 Status if you want to know what services are running on your IM3 number.

However, if you don’t want to bother to know what services are running and want to stop all services immediately.

Then just select option 2 Stop to deactivate all services that are currently active on your number.

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You can also share how to unregister this IM3 service with your friends.

That was the information we could convey about how to unregister IM3 services. We hope that the information we provide can be useful for you readers.

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