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How to View WiFi Password

How to see the WiFi password is actually quite easy to do. For those of you who already have your own WiFi at home, of course you must know or understand how to see your WiFi password.

Starting from email passwords, various kinds of social media, mobile banking, WiFi, and others that you might forget. The best way to anticipate this is to record all the passwords you have.

Starting from the gadget, or manually in a book or sticky notes. However, you can also automatically save all passwords on devices starting from laptops and smartphones.

When you haven’t set up automatic password storage on your device, and haven’t applied manual logging, and one day you suddenly forget your WiFi password, then you can also try one of the methods described below.

So how to see this WiFi password? Here’s the review!

How to View WiFi Password

How to View Wifi Password

For example, below are three types of devices that are commonly used, and so that you can understand more easily, an explanation of how to use them will be divided as follows:

How to View WiFi Password from Windows

For those of you who happen to use a laptop or PC with a Windows operating system, there are two easy ways that you can apply to find out your WiFi password that you’ve accidentally forgotten. Each method is as follows:

Use Command Prompt

How to see the first WiFi password you can use the Command Prompt. Command Prompt is usually abbreviated as CMD is the default program (default) of every Windows-based device (any version). This program emulates input fields on the Windows interface screen with commands in the form of text and has an interface called the Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI).

And in a simpler definition, you can call Command Prompt a command line interpreter program. You can perform a number of tasks very easily through this program including finding out your own WiFi password that you are currently forgetting.

The trick is:

  • Open the Command Prompt program from your Windows laptop or PC. The method can vary depending on the version of Windows on your device. But usually by clicking the magnifying glass icon (menu named Search Windows) which is located in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Now write Command Prompt or CMD and the program will appear on the screen. Click once on the program to open it.
  • If the program window is already open, which has a characteristic solid black color, then you must write netsh wlan show profile on a blank page on the screen, then press the Enter key.
  • After pressing Enter, all WiFi lists will appear in the Command Prompt window. This list of WiFi is the one that has been connected to your laptop, starting from WiFi at home, maybe also WiFi at work, when you hang out at cafes/restaurants, when tethering from a friend’s smartphone, etc.
  • From the list that appears, look for the name of the WiFi at home that you forgot the password for earlier. Then on the Command Prompt screen, write netsh wlan show profile (your WiFi name) key=clear. But without the brackets yes.
  • For example, your WiFi name is MyWiFi, then all you have to type is netsh wlan show profile MyWiFi key=clear and immediately press the button
  • If there is even one wrong letter when you enter it when typing the WiFi name, it will display the words “There is no such wireless interface on the system” in the CMD window.
  • But if what you wrote is correct, the CMD window will display detailed information from the WiFi whose name you typed earlier. Well, one of this information is the WiFi password.
  • You can find password information in the Security Settings section, just to the right of Key Content.

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Network & Sharing Center

If the first one you were looking for didn’t work, you can use the second method below:

  • Click the WiFi icon on the lower right screen of your laptop, then click on Network & Sharing Center.
  • After the new window opens, find and click on the words Network and Sharing Center and wait for a new window to open again to click on your WiFi name (the writing is blue).
  • A new smaller window will open, click the Wireless Properties button, then click the tab section. Now click once on the small box to the left of Show characters, and the text that appears above the box is your WiFi password.

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How to View WiFi Password from MacBook

There are also two ways that you can use to see the WiFi password if your device is a MacBook. Each method is:

Use Keychain Access

All iOS and Mac devices already have a Keychain which is an encrypted file that is a place to store all login info including passwords and a number of other information.

The files in this keychain are synced via iCloud, so you can use the same password on different Apple devices. How to see the WiFi password from the keychain is:

  • Click Go in the Finder menu at the top of the screen, and click menu
    Double click on the Utilities sub menu, and double click on Keychain Access again, then select a category
  • Now search for your WiFi name and double click on it. So that the password is visible, check the small box next to the words Show Password.

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Via Terminal

And if on Windows, Terminal is similar to the Command Prompt earlier. The steps to use it to view WiFi password are:

  • Hover over the top right corner of the screen and click Spotlight, then under the magnifying glass icon, type Terminal and click a program to open it.
  • After Terminal opens, type security find-generic-password -ga your WiFi name | grep -i password and end it by pressing Enter. If your WiFi name is Nona99 for example, then all you have to type is security find-generic-password -ga Nona99 | grep -i password.
  • After pressing Enter, you will later be asked to enter the password + username from your Mac. If so, the terminal will display WiFi information including the password.
    see wifi password on android

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How to View WiFi Password with Android Device

For additional information, the method below can only be practiced by Android 10 or 11 users, yes, with any brand. The steps are:

  • Open the Settings menu and open the Network & Internet sub menu.
  • Click the WiFi menu and a drop down menu will appear, select Saved Networks. Your Android will display a list of WiFi that you have used so far, complete with passwords.
  • In the list of WiFi names, click the name of the WiFi in your home and click Depending on the security system of your Android, after this you can also be asked to enter your cellphone pin but it may not.
  • Next, a QR code will appear on the screen, and just below the code there is an inscription which is your WiFi password.

How to see the WiFi password is actually really easy. You also don’t need to install any additional applications, you don’t need to call a WiFi technician or call the call center for your WiFi subscription.

Just do one of the methods above depending on the device you have.

You can also use this method of viewing WiFi passwords further. And you can also share how to see this WiFi password with your friends or relatives.

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That was the information that we can convey about how to see the WiFi password. We hope that the information we provide can be useful for you readers.

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