Is it too late to buy the Samsung Galaxy A71?


Even though many of us have messed up other budget camera phones, the Pixel 4a is still an enthusiast phone. On the other hand, Samsung’s trusted mid-size Galaxy makers are much more popular and more likely to sell like hotcakes – which we felt very strongly about last year’s Galaxy A71. The well thought out package it offered made this phone an easy task for just about anyone looking for a decent phone on a budget. But in 2021, when the newer Galaxy A models are released, will the year-old Galaxy A71 still look like a smart choice?

Finding the right balance between flagship features and price is crucial for a mid-range phone, and the Galaxy A71 has been pretty much accurate in its approach. From top to bottom, Samsung has given the phone what it needs to attract the bulk of its consumer base. Such an implementation could easily make the A71 a jack of all trades, but the fact is that it also handles some specific aspects, especially among phones of its class.

The Galaxy A71’s large screen was unmatched even among rivals like the Pixel 4a and iPhone SE.

A great display is one of the perks of owning a Samsung phone, and the Galaxy A71’s AMOLED screen was one of the best we’ve seen on a $ 500 phone. It’s big, almost stretches from edge to edge, and you just can’t see the hole punch, and colorful, making it an ideal candidate for anyone who watches a lot of video on their phones. The large screen was unmatched even among competitors like the Pixel 4a and iPhone SE.

While the lack of a high refresh rate may be an issue for some, it has definitely helped the A71 deliver excellent battery life. The decent-sized 4,500mAh cell can also charge pretty quickly using the Samsung 25W universal charger that comes with the box. We even liked the shots from its four-camera setup, even if they include some possibly useless sensors. The image quality may not have been pixelated, but it was good enough for these photos to end up in your family collection and uploaded to social media.

However, the Galaxy A71 has its own problems. First, the plastic Samsung used was not up to par with some of its more expensive models with polycarbonate backs. Needless to say, it’s fairly easy to scratch, which isn’t really something anyone wants to see, especially if you want to keep your phone going for years to come. Then there was this mono speaker, which was rubbish to say the least. We’re just grateful that the 3.5mm headphone jack was still present to save the day.

However, these shortcomings weren’t enough to prevent us from endorsing the Galaxy A71. But it was last year. Right now the Galaxy A52 and A72 (internationally) have already been released and they specifically address some of the reservations we had originally with the A71. Samsung has updated these phones to high refresh rate panels along with matching stereo speakers. In addition, the 2021 models are IP67 rated and feature a beautiful matte finish in a range of colors, making them much more fun to use than their predecessor.

Galaxy A52 in black.

The A71 itself is a great phone even today, but when you consider the 2021 Galaxy A phones it starts to lose meaning.

Currently, only the Galaxy A52 5G is available in the US; While Samsung has also released the 4G-only A72 internationally, there are no details on when (or if) this 5G variant arrives in the States. While not a direct successor, the A52 5G could easily try out the A71 for its money, especially given that it sells for a price. pretty reasonable price of $ 425… The A71 itself is a great phone even today, but when you consider the 2021 Galaxy A phones it starts to lose meaning.

The only scenario where you should really consider purchasing a Galaxy A71 right now is if you can’t stretch your budget beyond $ 350 and can find a refurbished unit around that number. The chances of finding a new device at this price are slim, but that shouldn’t stop you from looking for good deals that pop up from time to time. Either way, you should be aware that you will still have at least a couple of years of software coverage as part of Samsung’s unrivaled Android update policy.

Buy Galaxy A71 5G

Buy Galaxy A52 5G

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