Latest Samsung Leak Sheds Light on Budget Heroes’ Plans


Samsung knows exactly how to give phone shoppers what they want, whether it’s high-end foldable phones that capture the imagination of shoppers who need to spend money, or well-executed budget models that still offer large screens and premium functionality at a low cost. … only a part of the flagships. Today we’re checking out which of the following models could be part of the company’s more wallet-friendly offerings, with new leaks detailing what we can expect from the upcoming Galaxy A22.

Today’s The leaks detail the two main models here: one with 5G connectivity (above)and one that sticks to 4G (below)… While the basic look and feel of the two options are similar in many ways, there are a few other hardware differences to watch out for. First, you can see that the camera package on the 5G model replaces one lens with an LED flash (which is below for 4G). It is also possible that we are dealing with different biometric hardware, and differences in the appearance of the power button here are fueling rumors that one model may come with an in-screen fingerprint reader (and corresponding AMOLED panel).

We are reported to be looking at MediaTek chips for both devices: Dimensity 700 for 5G and Helio G80 for 4G. No word on RAM or anything yet, but both should have 6.4-inch screens (HD + 4G, FHD + 5G) and 5000mAh batteries. In terms of cameras, we’ve heard of the 48MP + 5M + 2MP + 2MP layout (one 2MP drop for 5G) and at least 13MP on the front of the 4G.

That still leaves a lot of gaps, including the most important one for a couple of phones so positioned: cost. The Galaxy A21 was not a bad phone, but at the discounted price it looked the most attractive. Will Samsung sell the A22 at a reasonable price? Hope we find out soon.

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