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McDonald’s and Burger King engage in a feud over ChatGPT Ad Claims with Burger King’s Response

The rivalry between fast food giants Burger King and McDonald’s continues to heat up, with Burger King firing back at McDonald’s in a recent feud over ad claims.

It all started when Burger King released an advertisement promoting their new ChatGPT feature, which allows customers to customize their orders using Google Assistant. The ad mocked McDonald’s for not offering the same level of customization, saying “you can’t order Whopper with Google Assistant at McDonald’s.”

McDonald’s was quick to respond, taking to Twitter to point out that they do in fact offer a similar feature with their partnership with Amazon’s Alexa. They tweeted, “we’ve launched McDelivery with Amazon Alexa to make ordering your McDonald’s favorites even easier.”

However, Burger King was not content to let McDonald’s have the last word in the feud. They fired back with their own tweet, pointing out that while McDonald’s does offer a voice ordering feature with Amazon Alexa, it is only available in select cities. Burger King added, “ChatGPT is available to everyone, everywhere.”

The back and forth between the two fast food giants has garnered attention from customers and social media users alike. Many people have taken sides in the feud, with some criticizing Burger King for being petty, while others applaud them for their clever advertising.

Regardless of where you stand in the Burger King vs. McDonald’s feud, one thing is clear: both companies are willing to go to great lengths to promote their products and stay on top of the fast food industry.

At the end of the day, it’s up to customers to decide which fast food chain they prefer. Whether you’re a die-hard Burger King fan or loyal to McDonald’s, it’s clear that both companies will continue to innovate and push boundaries as they compete for the hearts (and stomachs) of customers.

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