NTFS partition repair failed while installing error on Linux


This article shows how to fix NTFS failed installation errors such as‘/ Dev / sdax’ Installation Failure: Input / Output Error, NTFS is either inconsistent or has a hardware failure or is SoftRAID / FakeRAID hardware”.

The following screenshot shows an example of an NTFS installation error.

NTFS - '/ dev / sdax' installation failure: Input / output error
NTFS – ‘/ dev / sdax’ installation failure: Input / output error

You can correct this error by using ntfsfix, a small and useful utility that fixes some common NTFS problems. A ntfsfix is part ntfs-3g package (NTFS open source implementation) and fixes several major NTFS inconsistencies, resets the NTFS log file, and schedules the NTFS compliance check for the first boot to Windows.

If you want to use it on our computer, you need to install it ntfs-3g packaging as follows.

----------- On Debian, Ubuntu & Mint ----------- 
$ sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g

----------- On RHEL, CentOS & Fedora -----------
$ sudo yum install epel-release
$ sudo yum install ntfs-3g

When you have ntfs-3g package installed, run ntfsfix command, enter the NTFS partition that is having problems as an argument, as shown.

$ sudo ntfsfix /dev/sda5
Fix NTFS error failed
Fix NTFS error failed


Run a dry training where ntfsfix does not write anything, but shows only what would have been done, use -n or --no-action option.

$ sudo ntfsfix -n /dev/sda5

A ntfsfix is another useful switch -b or --clear-bad-sectors to clear the list of bad sectors. This feature is especially useful after cloning an old disk with bad sectors to a new disk.

$ sudo ntfsfix -b /dev/sda5

Also, ntfsfix supports clearing a dirty volume flag if the volume can be fixed and installed. You can use this feature by skipping -d option as shown.

$ sudo ntfsfix -d /dev/sda5

Note: ntfsfix can only fix some errors in the NTFS partition. If it fails, chkdsk will likely succeed. If you have Windows installed, you can also download Windows and run its disk scanner, chkdsk.

A nftsfix is a useful tool for fixing some common NTFS problems. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us using the feedback form below.

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