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Arraignment of Former President Trump Draws Crowds Outside Trump Doral

Former President Donald Trump arrived at the Trump National Doral Miami, his golf resort, on Monday, July 26, where he was set to be arraigned in a lawsuit filed against him and his organization by the city of Miami.

Outside of Trump Doral, a crowd of protestors and supporters gathered as the former president arrived. Some chanted “Lock him up!” while others held signs with messages of support for Trump, such as “We love Trump” and “America First.”

The lawsuit filed against Trump and his organization alleges that he used his political power while serving as president to enrich himself and his business through his South Florida resort. The city of Miami claims that Trump charged the federal government excessively for rooms at the resort during his presidency, violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

Trump has denied these allegations, and his legal team has argued that the lawsuit is politically motivated and lacks merit.

The scene outside of Trump Doral on Monday was reminiscent of the protests and rallies that happened frequently during Trump’s presidency. Trump supporters and protestors clashed verbally, with some Trump supporters shouting insults at the protestors and some protestors responding with chants of “America first, not Trump first.”

The Doral resort has been a site of controversy for Trump throughout his presidency, with critics accusing him of using the property to promote his brand and profit financially. Trump has repeatedly touted the resort as one of his signature properties, using it to host events such as the G-7 summit in 2020, which was later cancelled.

As Trump arrived at Doral for his arraignment, the crowd outside remained divided between those who believe he should be held accountable for his alleged misuse of presidential power and those who continue to support him and his unorthodox presidency.

The former president’s appearance at Trump Doral on Monday was a reminder of the polarizing effect he had on the country during his time in office, and of the deep divisions that still exist in American society today. Whatever the outcome of the lawsuit, it is clear that Trump’s legacy and influence will continue to be felt in American politics for years to come.

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