Samsung Galaxy S21 now only $ 700 ($ 100 off), S21 + and S21 Ultra – $ 200


Samsung Galaxy S21 now only $ 700 ($ 100 off), S21 + and S21 Ultra - $ 200

Samsung has a history of dropping prices for its phones shortly after the initial release or, in some cases, before full release. Less than two weeks after the Galaxy S21 series became widely available, Samsung has slashed prices of all three phones by $ 100-200.

The regular Galaxy S21 originally sold for $ 799, which is already $ 200 less than last year’s flagship, but is now available for just $ 699.99. It has a Snapdragon 888 chipset, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, triple rear cameras and a 6.2-inch AMOLED flat screen. The Galaxy S21 + with a large 6.7-inch curved screen and the same RAM / storage / cameras now starts at $ 799.99. ($ 200 off). Finally, the S21 Ultra, with an upgraded camera array, additional RAM, and S Pen support, retails for $ 999.99 ($ ​​200 off).

The discounts on each phone are equal to Samsung’s pre-order accessory credit, so if you didn’t receive the phones during that period, you can now set aside your savings instead of spending it on Samsung’s own add-ons. Samsung Online Store is still sell phones at their suggested retail pricebut with a reduced additional credit (e.g. $ 50 for S21 orders).

You can buy phones from several retailers using the links below. If you’re not sure which model suits you best, check out our comparison guide.

If you missed this sale the first time, now it’s back. As before, the Galaxy S21 is $ 699.99 ($ ​​100 off), the S21 + is $ 799.99 ($ ​​200), and the S21 Ultra is $ 999.99 ($ ​​200).

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