Samsung is changing the way we find lost smartwatches


Samsung makes it awkward to find your smartwatch

One of the many benefits of using modern technology in a watch is that you can track it if it gets lost. Samsung smartwatches can not only beep when nearby, but can also be roughly located on a map when not in Bluetooth range. However, according to the end of service notice currently being sent to owners, users will no longer be able to use Get Location to complete the latter.

Service will end on March 15 due to changes in Samsung’s service policy. This change will affect Galaxy Watch3, Galaxy Watch2 Active, and Galaxy Watch (probably Galaxy Watch Active).

What softens the blow is the availability of SmartThings Find, which was recently made available to this watch via a software update. This feature serves the same purpose, with the main difference being that it is available in the SmartThings app and not in the Galaxy Wearable app (where Get Location is located). This does cause some inconvenience for non-Samsung users as they now have to download two different apps for a feature that previously only required one.


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