Samsung is working on its own desktop SMS tool for some reason


Samsung SMS Messaging Windows app found in Microsoft Store

There are many ways to access text messages from the desktop, including solutions from Google and Microsoft. And you know Samsung: once a lot of other companies do something, they just have to have their own solution. We are now getting the first signs of Samsung Messaging appearing in the Microsoft Store, which describes itself as a way to send and receive texts from your phone in Windows.

Before you get too excited, the app still looks like it is currently in testing – it only appears in a few regions, and you still can’t download it without code. Even if you could, the description states that its compatibility is limited to “devices capable of mobile data (5G and 4G LTE)” and that it is only available for Samsung-branded Windows hardware: Galaxy Book series and Galaxy TabPro.

The app description states that it uses a partner app on the phone, which makes sense, and presumably only Samsung phones will be invited to the party. We hope that once the app is ready for widespread release, the restrictions on Samsung-branded Windows hardware will be lifted and anyone with a recent Samsung phone and Windows PC can check it out.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of ways to get the same functionality now: Google Messages for the Web, Microsoft Your Phone, and desktop clients for all the popular chat services. It actually seems odd that Samsung developed a custom solution for this – but this is Samsung for you.

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