Samsung just gave you one less reason to buy a Pixel


Samsung solidifies its place as the king of Android updates with a bold new commitment

Samsung has significantly improved the reputation of its updates over the past few years. The company releases major updates faster and sometimes even ahead of its own schedule. The delivery of security updates has been particularly impressive, often outperforming Google. Samsung changed its update policy last summer so that some devices released back in 2019 receive three major Android updates in line with Google’s own policy. Samsung is shaking things up again today by extending its commitments to four years of security updates.

Samsung left no doubts as to which devices are included, giving us a complete list:

  • Foldable Galaxy devices: Collapse, Fold 5G, Z Fold2, Z Fold2 5G, Z Flip, Z Flip 5G
  • Galaxy S series: S10, S10 +, S10e, S10 5G, S10 Lite, S20, S20 5G, S20 +, S20 + 5G, S20 Ultra, S20 Ultra 5G, S20 FE, S20 FE 5G, S21 5G, S21 + 5G, S21 Ultra 5G
  • Galaxy Note series: Note10, Note10 5G, Note10 +, Note10 + 5G, Note10 Lite, Note20, Note20 5G, Note20 Ultra, Note20 Ultra 5G
  • Galaxy A series: A10, A10e, A10s, A20, A20s, A30, A30s, A40, A50, A50s, A60, A70, A70s, A80, A90 5G, A11, A21, A21s, A31, A41, A51, A51 5G, A71, A71 5G , A02s, A12, A32 5G, A42 5G
  • Galaxy M series: M10s, M20, M30, M30s, M40, M11, M12, M21, M31, M31s, M51
  • Galaxy XCover Series: XCover4s, XCover FieldPro, XCover Pro
  • Galaxy Tab Series: Tab Active Pro, Tab Active3, Tab A 8 (2019), Tab A with S Pen, Tab A 8.4 (2020), Tab A7, Tab S5e, Tab S6, Tab S6 5G, Tab S6 Lite, Tab S7, Tab S7 +

Considered the gold standard for updates, Google Pixel phones only get three years of security patches, and that’s it. Samsung’s transition from the worst company to the updates I now consider to be the best is impressive and deserves all the credit for the decision it made. Hopefully this move will lead other OEMs to do something similar.

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