Samsung SmartThings app gets a new interface


Samsung SmartThings app gets a new interface

Building a smart home ecosystem can greatly simplify the smallest elements of your life, but even the best hardware is useless without great software to support it. Samsung today is relaunching its SmartThings app with an all-new interface to power every gadget in your home.

If you haven’t already invested in SmartThings as a platform, this update may force you to reconsider your decision. It has a brighter and more intuitive interface, in which the most important functions are displayed immediately after opening the application. To make navigation easier, Samsung has divided the app into five separate categories.

The new Favorites tab acts as the home screen for all of your lights, forks, scenes and services. “Devices” is completely gadget-oriented, offering detailed controls and the ability to bundle a new product. “Life” acts as a tutorial section to teach you how to take advantage of the smart home setup, “Automation” makes it easy to program all devices depending on the conditions you choose, and “Menu” hides all those annoying notifications, settings, etc. and much more. to remove all the clutter from regular menus.

All of this is happening during the transition period for SmartThings with recent roadmap a detailed description of their plans to abandon obsolete equipment. The first generation SmartThings Hub and Link for Shield TV are just a couple of weeks away from permanent shutdown, leaving consumers on the hook for new hardware. Of course, this is not all bad news. Samsung is back to Matter, a smart home protocol designed to bring all of your gadgets together, regardless of manufacturer. The full launch of Matter is scheduled for later this year, which should make it easier for your devices to sync with each other (at least in theory).

The update is available from today for Android devices, with plans for a new user interface for iOS soon. Samsung also recently released a Windows 10 app for SmartThings, although it is not yet known when and if the updated look will arrive on PC.


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