Samsung’s elite folding club gets the strangest advantage


Remember Samsung Galaxy Z Premier service, the thing they launched when they announced the ultra-expensive Galaxy Z Fold back in 2019? It’s still there! Yeah, strange, isn’t it? Samsung originally positioned itself as the top echelon of 24/7 tech support, but has now expanded to a suite of benefits for its most expensive devices. Including desserts, apparently.

Samsung said in a press release that owners of the Galaxy Z Fold, Z Fold 2, and Z Flip now have access to free years. FoundersCard Membership, from six months. Quote: FoundersCard is “a private club dedicated to entrepreneurs that provides hundreds of benefits in business, shopping, travel, fashion and more.” Translation: These are discounts on things for wealthy people who don’t need discounts on anything, plus occasional cocktail parties.

It’s cute. But what caught our attention was that Samsung is also sending free dessert to the owners of these phones. Just mailed them to them to eat. That’s how you get the headlines, Samsung!

The press release states that “Galaxy Z owners across the country can enjoy exclusive Michelin-starred merchandise delivered straight to their homes.” First point DANIEL from New Yorkwhich seems to be quite unusual indeed. Chef Daniel Boulud’s “Exclusive Dessert Box” includes a $ 75 Madeleine and Cannele (French biscuits and pastries).

To get your free dessert, simply open the Z Premier app on the Galaxy Z Fold, Galaxy Z Fold2, or Galaxy Z Flip and take advantage of the promotion. It’s unclear if the bonus will expire after you redeem it once, as Samsung claims DANIEL is the “first restaurant” featured in the promotion.

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