Samsung’s Penup drawing app gets an updated interface with layers support


Samsung's Penup drawing app gets an updated interface with layers support

Users of Samsung Galaxy Note devices (or any Android device as it is available in the Play Store for any phone) should see the new version of the Penup app. The updated paint app is basically the same as before, but it now supports multiple layers, which is a welcome pro move for a paint app with a surprisingly active community.

You can access the layer tool from the icon on the newly expanded bottom navigation bar – this is the one that looks like two pages on top of each other. Since there are many artists who take this app and its built-in social media tools very seriously, there must be quite a few people who are in awe of this add-on. Layers can be reordered, locked, or hidden.

On the left is the old interface, on the right is the new one.

Along with the updated bottom bar of the drawing interface itself, the main menu of the application has a special tab for “Coloring”, offering users coloring pages for adults. You can navigate through them at the top of the “New”, “Popular” and “Books” tabs.

Penup is free to download from the Play Store for Android 6.0 or later. It is also available on the Galaxy app store and we have manual upload to APK Mirror

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