Telkomsel Points, here are 2 easy ways to get them


Telkomsel points are points that you can get from Telkomsel cellular operators when you top up your Telkomsel card.

Telkomsel is a cellular operator that is widely used by Indonesian citizens.

It can be said that Telkomsel is one of the best operators, because its network is affordable.

Thus, Telkomsel has its own way to maintain the loyalty of Telkomsel’s loyal customers.

Well, one way to maintain the loyalty of Telkomsel is by establishing a point system.

Do you already know the point system from Telkomsel? Besides that, do you know how to get Telkomsel points?

And do you know how to use the Telkomsel points you have?

For those of you who are curious about this discussion, then you should listen to the article that we share on this occasion.

Because we will write about how to use Telkomsel points.

That way you will know about using the points that Telkomsel has given to your number.

You can also enjoy this program and make the most of it

Therefore, you should read this article carefully.

Telkomsel Points

Telkomsel Points

Telkomsel points is a reward system given by Telkomsel cellular operators to Telkomsel loyal users.

So it can be said that the points from Telkomsel are a balance bonus from Telkomsel operators.

You can exchange the points you collect for quota, credit and linkAja balance.

What do you think? Very interesting right? So you have to take advantage of this Telkomsel reward.

If you want to get quota and credit from Telkomsel operators for free, then you must first collect as many Telkomsel points as possible.

The more Telkomsel points you have, the more rewards you will get.

How to Get Telkomsel Points

If you are interested in collecting points from the most popular operator, then you should follow our guide.

You have to collect as many points as possible, so you can get free credit from Telkomsel.

The following is a way to get Telkomsel points:

  1. Making Transactions

If you make a minimum transaction of IDR 50,000 in one month, then you will get points from Telkomsel.

After you make a transaction, either buying credit or buying internet quota, then you are entitled to a reward from Telkomsel.

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  1. Daily Checkin on My Telkomsel

The second way to get points from Telkomsel is that you have to check on the My Telkomsel application.

Because in the application, you get daily check-in missions.

By doing that mission, you will get a reward from the Telkomsel operator in the form of points.

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That’s how to get Telkomsel points. You can try the method we have presented.

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