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Two ways to use WhatsApp on your TV with Android TV

How to install WhatsApp on TV using Android TV

WhatsApp is the most popular Android app. Almost every person uses it with an Android phone on their smartphone. There are also many who use messaging from a computer or tablet device.

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But, what if you want to use this app from your TV? This is something that may not be very practical, but it may be useful in certain circumstances. And it is possible to do this as long as you have a device with an Android TV. E

Yes, it is necessary to know the installation process, and it is very complicated.

WhatsApp on TV? This is possible

The process is not so simple

Android TV is a device that allows you to apply Android to your TV. This is very practical in apps for watching videos or games.

Please note that not all Android apps are available in principle. Google Play Store version for Android TV, this is much more limited than we can find for our smartphones.

Because of this, there are many applications that do not, and WhatsApp is one of them so, the messaging app installation process is a little more complicated than we intended.

Of course, all we can do is install any APK. This will allow us to use any application that is not on the official store on Android TV.

Remember, this app is not usually optimized for use on TV. But we can always try to see how it works for us. WhatsApp specifically has been tested with very good results.

Steps to install WhatsApp on TV

To do that, Android TV Commander File and Sideload Launcher must be installed. You should also download the apk from Mirror APK.

You can download the apk file to another device and bring it to your TV with Google Drive. Then open with sideload launcher . At this point, you must complete the entire login process with your account, such as when switching cell phones.

apps download 

After opening it, WhatsApp will run smoothly on your TV. We recommend using a Bluetooth keyboard to facilitate typing.

Remember, WhatsApp only allows you to have an active account on the same device. Therefore, when you enter the TV, it will stop being activated on your cell phone. If you want to have the option to use your account on both sites, the only way to do so is to use WhatsApp Web.

If you’ve implemented this process, you can tell us about your experience in this regard in the comments section which you can find at the bottom of the page.

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