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Ukraine Witnesses Mines Being Swept Away

Mines Being Swept Away in Ukraine

The ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine has seen countless lives lost and infrastructure destroyed. One of the hidden dangers left behind are the countless landmines scattered throughout the region. These landmines, which were often indiscriminately placed, are now being slowly swept away by floodwaters, putting civilians and aid workers at risk.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense estimates that there are approximately two million explosive remnants of war scattered throughout the country’s conflict zone. These remnants include landmines, unexploded shells, and grenades. Over the years, the number of landmines has grown, and they have been placed in various locations, including residential areas, farmland, and roads.

Landmines are designed to detonate at the slightest pressure and can cause severe injuries, including loss of limbs, hearing loss, and blindness. So far, thousands of civilians, especially children, have been maimed or killed by these explosives.

The recent floods have further complicated the situation, causing the explosives to become dislodged and carried to other locations. In some areas, the floodwaters have caused damage to minefield fencing and signs, making it harder to identify or avoid the explosives. Moreover, many locals who have returned to their homes have reported seeing landmines being unearthed from the flooded areas.

The situation is further complicated by the efforts of various groups fighting the conflict. Both sides have used landmines as part of their military strategies, making it harder to identify where they are located. Abandoned minefields are now being reactivated, and new mines have been laid in response to recent advances and setbacks in the conflict.

The Ukrainian government has been conducting regular de-mining operations in the affected regions, but the process has been slow due to ongoing military activity and resource limitations. Aid organizations have also been working to remove the explosives, but their efforts have been hampered by the high risk to their personnel.

It is essential to continue de-mining the land to prevent more lives from being lost, and aid workers need to be well-equipped to conduct de-mining safely to avoid further casualties. The international community must also help Ukraine in its struggle to rid the country of these deadly remnants of war.

The unexploded landmines in Ukraine are not just a danger to the civilians and aid workers in the region, but they are a barrier to the war-torn country’s progression and the return of normalcy. It’s about time to put an end to this ongoing dilemma and ensure that the land is safe and free of explosive remnants of war.

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