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Insufficient Drones, Warplanes, and Ammunition Confessed by Putin in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted on August 22 that Russia does not have enough drones, warplanes and ammunition. This comes as a surprise, as Russia has always been outwardly confident about its military capabilities.

Speaking at a meeting in the city of Sochi, Putin said, “We need modern, powerful precision weapons and armor, not just small arms. We also need drones, modernized and new combat aircraft, and the latest technology in all areas of military science.”

Putin’s statement is a recognition of the fact that the Russian military has had issues with modernizing its armed forces. This comes after the country has spent billions on upgrading its military, including new tanks, warships, and fighter jets.

Russia has been using its jets and drones to support the Syrian army in its fight against ISIS terrorists since 2015. However, the country’s military has been criticized for its lack of precision-guided weapons and poor intelligence capabilities.

The country does have a drone program, but it lags behind other countries in terms of technology and innovation. This is particularly when compared to the United States and China, which have been leading the development of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Russia’s military modernization program has been plagued by a lack of funding, corruption, and bureaucratic hurdles, which has hindered efforts to upgrade military equipment. This has led to a shortage of pilots and spare parts, which has contributed to the slow delivery of new equipment.

Putin’s admission also comes at a time when there is increased tension between Russia and Western countries, particularly after Russia’s interference in the US presidential election. This has led to Western countries imposing sanctions on Russia and caused a decline in Russian oil and gas exports.

In conclusion, Putin’s admission that Russia is lacking in its military capabilities, particularly in drones, warplanes and ammunition, is an indication that the Russian military modernization program has not been as successful as hoped. This underlines that while Russia is still a military power, it still has a way to go in terms of modernization and innovation.

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