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Indian IT Giant Witnesses More Women Resigning Post Discontinuation of Remote Work

Indian IT giant Wipro, which is among the largest IT services companies in the world, recently announced that it would be recalling all its employees to work in offices. Unfortunately, this has caused a number of women to quit their jobs, as they may not have suitable childcare arrangements or may have to move cities in order to accommodate the new working conditions.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the pandemic has disrupted the traditional nine-to-five office routine in a significant way. Many companies have been keeping their employees safe by allowing them to work from home, but now that the situation is somewhat improving, some companies are beginning to recall their employees back to the office.

Unfortunately, in India, this has resulted in many women leaving their jobs as they may not have the flexibility to make such a drastic change. Childcare is a major issue, as many families depend on extended families or hired help to look after their children while they are at work. When women have to return to the office, it disrupts the current routine and can be very challenging to set up organized childcare arrangements.

Moreover, with traditional structures and gender stereotypes, many women are still expected to prioritize their family commitments over their jobs. Women often have to balance work and family, and with this recall, they may have to give up their job in order to look after their children.

This is a highly unfortunate situation for women in India as they are already underrepresented in the workforce. According to the World Bank, only 22.5% of women in India are in employment, compared to 78.7% of men. This can be attributed to many factors, including social expectations, discrimination, and lack of suitable opportunities.

If companies such as Wipro want to retain their female workforce, they must take proactive steps to ensure that women are not singled out due to personal circumstances and that they are given the opportunity to thrive in their respective roles. This could be done by providing flexible working hours, sponsoring childcare facilities, or even offering remote work options.

As the world adjusts to the pandemic, it is important that companies take a holistic view of the situation and strive for inclusivity. By offering equitable opportunities to all, companies can ensure that their talent pool is not restricted, but thriving.

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