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Report: RFK Jr. alleges COVID-19 is ‘Ethnically Targeted’ in a bid to spare Jewish and Chinese communities

RFK Jr. Claims COVID ‘Ethnically Targeted’ to Spare Jews, Chinese: Report

In a shocking statement that has raised eyebrows among experts and the public alike, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently made controversial claims suggesting that COVID-19 has been “ethnically targeted” to spare certain groups, specifically Jews and Chinese people. The assertions made by the prominent anti-vaccine activist and nephew of former President John F. Kennedy have been met with widespread criticism, with many denouncing them as baseless and dangerous.

Kennedy’s remarks were reportedly made during a private meeting held in April at the University of Oxford, according to a report by The Jewish Chronicle. He reportedly cited comments made by an anonymous Indian vaccine researcher who claimed that Jews and Chinese people were less susceptible to the virus due to their genetic makeup. It’s important to note that these claims made by an unnamed researcher lack scientific evidence and have not been independently verified.

Critics have swiftly condemned Kennedy’s assertions, highlighting the potential harm such baseless claims can cause. Organizations dedicated to combating anti-Semitism and misinformation have called on Kennedy to provide credible evidence to support his statements or retract them altogether. Phyllis Goldstein, National Director of Civil Rights of the Jewish War Veterans of the United States, issued a statement saying that “spreading such unfounded theories fuels divisive rhetoric and undermines public health efforts.”

Kennedy’s history of promoting vaccine misinformation and conspiracy theories has brought further scrutiny to his recent claims. Despite scientific consensus and overwhelming evidence supporting the efficacy and safety of vaccines, Kennedy has been a vocal opponent of vaccination programs, particularly in relation to childhood vaccines. His advocacy work in this area has been widely criticized for the potential harm it poses to public health, as it undermines confidence in vaccines and contributes to the spread of preventable diseases.

It is essential to remember that COVID-19 has affected people from all walks of life, regardless of ethnicity, race, or religion. The virus does not discriminate. Governments, health organizations, and scientists worldwide have been working tirelessly to combat this ongoing pandemic and provide efficient and equitable healthcare to everyone affected. It is crucial to rely on evidence-based information from credible sources rather than baseless claims that can further exacerbate fear, mistrust, and division.

Misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has been a persistent challenge throughout the last year and a half. Just as we celebrate the achievements of scientific advancements, it is equally important to remain vigilant against baseless conspiracies and false narratives that threaten public health efforts. This requires a collective effort from all sectors of society to uphold the integrity of accurate information and support initiatives aimed at promoting global public health and unity.

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