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Home-Price Rally Could Cease as Fed Ceases Rate Hikes, Says Robert Shiller

The housing market has been experiencing a strong rally in recent years, with home prices steadily climbing. However, renowned economist Robert Shiller believes that this rally may soon come to an end once the Federal Reserve stops hiking rates.

Shiller, a Nobel laureate and co-founder of the Case-Shiller Home Price Index, is well-respected for his accurate predictions about the housing market. He argues that the current rally is largely driven by low-interest rates set by the Federal Reserve. As the central bank continues to raise rates to control inflation, Shiller believes that the housing market will be significantly impacted.

According to Shiller, when interest rates rise, it becomes more expensive for people to borrow money, leading to a decrease in demand for homes. Additionally, potential buyers become more hesitant to invest in a property when they anticipate higher borrowing costs. These factors are likely to slow down the growth in home prices and potentially even cause a decline.

Shiller’s concerns are not unfounded. In the past, he accurately predicted both the dot-com bubble burst in 2000 and the housing market crash in 2008. He emphasizes that the housing market is cyclical, and over the years, it has shown a tendency to go through periods of booms and busts.

While Shiller acknowledges that the current rally in home prices has been fueled by several factors, including low inventory and strong demand, he believes that the impact of rising interest rates cannot be overlooked. He points out that the Federal Reserve has already started raising rates, and it is only a matter of time before the effects are felt in the housing market.

However, not everyone agrees with Shiller’s assessment. Some experts argue that the impact of rising rates will be minimal, as the housing market is strong and will continue to be fueled by other factors. They believe that the current demand and shortage of inventory will outweigh the effects of higher borrowing costs.

Nonetheless, Shiller’s warning cannot be disregarded lightly. As an expert in the field, his insights offer valuable perspective on the potential risks associated with the current housing market rally. As we move forward, it will be interesting to see how the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes unfold and what impact they have on the housing market.

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