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‘Wave Makers’: The Taiwanese Netflix Series That Triggers a #MeToo Movement in Taiwan

Recently, a Taiwanese Netflix series called “Wave Makers” has sparked a #MeToo wave in Taiwan. The show, which follows the lives of surfers in the coastal town of Taitung, has brought to light the issue of sexual harassment and assault in Taiwan’s surf community.

The series, directed by Wan Jen, was released on Netflix in June 2021 and has gained a lot of attention since then. It shows how one of the main characters, a female surfer named Ting, is sexually harassed by her coach, a former surfing champion named Ah Zhe. The show also sheds light on how some male surfers in Taiwan’s surfing industry exploit their positions of power to prey on younger female surfers.

The #MeToo movement first gained traction in Taiwan in 2018 when allegations of sexual harassment against a prominent TV host sparked national outrage. Since then, many victims have come forward with their stories of harassment and assault, and the movement has played a significant role in promoting gender equality and combating sexual violence in the country.

“Wave Makers” has been praised for bringing the issue of sexual harassment and assault to the forefront in Taiwan’s surf community. The show has sparked a lot of discussions on social media about the prevalence of such behavior in the industry and has encouraged victims to come forward.

The director, Wan Jen, has said that the show aims to draw attention to the issue of sexual harassment and assault in the surf industry and encourage people to speak out against it. She hopes that the show will help victims feel empowered and supported and that it will lead to meaningful change in the industry.

The show’s impact has not been limited to Taiwan; it has also garnered international attention and has been praised for its nuanced portrayal of the issue. The show has been lauded for its realistic depiction of the emotional toll that sexual harassment and assault can take on victims and for its portrayal of the power dynamics that often enable such behavior.

Overall, “Wave Makers” has been a powerful catalyst for change in Taiwan’s surf community and has helped to shine a light on a critical issue. It has provided a platform for victims to come forward and has encouraged important discussions about gender equality and the need to combat sexual violence. Let us hope that this move not only spreads awareness but also helps reduce the cases of such harassment in the future.

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