How to Make a Tiktok Helicopter Style


The Tiktok helicopter style is currently being discussed by many people, especially Tiktok users.

Tiktok is one of the social media platforms with millions of users worldwide.

The number of Tiktok users makes the trend on Tiktok always crowded.

Besides that, there is always something new that goes viral and becomes a trend on the TikTok application.

Lately there has been a movement that has gone viral on Tiktok social media, its name is helicopters style.

This helicopter style is very viral, so a lot of people have entered the Tiktok FYP.

If you want to make a helicopter style that is viral on tiktok social media, then you should listen to this article.

Because in this article we will present an article on how to make a tiktok helicopter style.

By reading the article that we wrote, then you will be able to make a helicopter style.

Tiktok Helicopter Style

Maybe you are still wondering, what is helicopter style?

The answer is a movement in which both hands are raised and rotated, this movement is similar to the propeller of a helicopter.

Not everyone can copy this viral style, lots of Tiktok users are curious about how to make it.

Helicopter Style Way

Actually imitating this helicopter style is very easy. Because you only need to stick your wrists together.

Then you have to form your hand in the shape of the letter V.

After that you can start to rotate both your hands, so it is very similar to your propeller.

If you want a clearer example or method, then you can click on the Tiktok helicopter style tutorial video.

Here is a tutorial link on how to make a viral helicopter style on Tiktok:

so you can just click the link above, so you better understand how to make a helicopter style.

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Tiktok Helicopter Challenge Compilation Viral

In addition, in order for you to better understand the style that is viral on Tiktok social media, then our advice is you should watch the compilation.

A compilation of some of the challenge helicopters available on Tiktok or on the Youtube app.

If you watch compilation videos, both from social media Tiktok or youtube, then you can learn to imitate properly like this Tiktok helicopter movement.

Then you can make a helicopter challenge video according to your own version.

If you think the video is good, then you can upload it to your Tiktok account.

Maybe you get a lot of likes, even your followers can go up.

Below we have provided a link to see a compilation of helicopter styles on Tiktok.

Here is a link that you can access:

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That’s how to make a helicopter style that goes viral on Tiktok social media.

Thank you for reading on my Esports

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