Samsung wants you to know the Galaxy S21 Ultra is better at pulling fried cheese sandwiches than the iPhone


Samsung wants you to know the Galaxy S21 Ultra is better at pulling fried cheese sandwiches than the iPhone

Apple has been going through tough times over the past couple of weeks. First it was linked to a lawsuit filed by Epic Games, and now the company is under attack from Samsung as well. In a new series of videos, Samsung compares its own Galaxy 21 Ultra to Apple’s latest device to see which phone shoots better:checks notes– grilled cheese sandwiches?

While these 15-second ads don’t open up anything new to the vast world of marketing, they get the intended message across quickly and efficiently. Both videos begin with the slogan “Updating your phone doesn’t have to be a downgrade.” The Galaxy S21 has a 108MP main camera that captures a lot more sticky details than the pitiful 12MP lens of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. But perhaps even more than that, the colors on the S21 look bolder, richer and, dare I say, much more mouth-watering.

That is, I would eat any without complaint.

In second place stands out the cleverly contrived Space Zoom feature that allows the S21 Ultra to zoom up to 100x as it captures a perfectly fitting close-up of the moon. After comparing the S21 Ultra photo with the 12 Pro Max photo (which “peaks” at 5x optical zoom), viewers are encouraged to “go epic.” ?

A little closer, and we can tell what kind of cheese it is made of.

Finally, we have some good puppies that turn their puppy on as Samsung reminds us how easy its software is to take photos and record videos at the same time. Because who doesn’t like some glamorous pug shots?

If your daily workflow consists of shots of grilled cheese and zooms in to photograph the moon, the S21 Ultra is the clear winner over the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The measurable impact of these commercials may be controversial, but seeing Samsung refer to a particular competitor in this apples-to-apples comparison is kind of news. This isn’t the first time a South Korean company has challenged Apple, but hopefully it doesn’t backfire this time.

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